Our Nudist Club Tour: Bright Remainder, Bonita, and Juniper Woods!

Shining Remainder Was The First Stop On Our Nudist Resort Summer Tour!
This past Memorial Day weekend, Jordan and I took a little road trip into the woods of Pennsylvania and upstate New York to visit a couple naturist clubs and resorts!
We camped out each night in our nifty small tent pictured below(that got us thru all the hailing thunderstorms!)
Is Sunny Rest a Nudist Resort or Swingers Campground:
Our first stop was Bright Rest nudist resort and campground. Now, if you have been part of the nudist community for a while, you may have heard of its sexual swingers campground or nightclub standing.
We spentalmost two days at Sunny Rest.We tried out most of the facilities, mingled with some folks and had a chat with the owners who were very hospitable.
After our visit we can honestly say, that while it isn’t really a naturist resort and while you will find a lot of naturists who are also swingers, we’d have no problem recommending it to people – particularly if you’re buying a location with hardly any or no children around (not because children are not permitted, more so because it’s geared towards the more adult naturist bunch).
In fact, as the most modernized Northeast naturist resort I Have ever been to, Shining Rest has more to offer than your typical nightclub or resort.
Beyond the fundamental facilities (an outdoor pool, hot tub, sports) they also provide a cunning restaurant, a backyard bar and deck, a club, a separate “dialogue pool”, and yoga courses.
Sunny Rest Nudist Resort Campground
Sunny Remainder additionally had the most individuals there, all crowding their pool deck, bar and social spaces so they must be doing something right with regards to getting more business. Arriving late Friday night, we spent just a little time at the bar / pool area and then got back to our camp site just in time before a big thunderstorm.
And one thing Shining Rest nudist resort is definitely not lacking is camping sites, with over 150 acres of property. This gives anyone the choice to locate a quiet place or “party area,” and the office staff will happily guide you on where to place your tent. (Keep in your mind that tent walls are paper thin.)
So on Saturday, I began my first full day with http://voy-zone.com/topic/beach-nudes-euro-tits.php ! This course was about deep breathing and doing a couple of stretches, which appeared to suit the old crowd that attended. If you are looking for an actual work out or naked fitness yoga, this really isn’t it. But for this course the indoor atmosphere and candle lighting is perfect, and they provide mats and pillows.
I left feeling more relaxed with the vague scent of lavender. * Sidenote: I hear they will also be starting up Zumba classes shortly! (a new type of dance / fitness class style). This is a fairly modern, appealing attribute for a naturist resort, particularly for young people who enjoy to be active.
View of the outdoor pool at Sunny Rest
That day we also dined in the restaurant twice. Adequate food, affordable with a big menu varied enough to suit a vegetarian like me. We hung by the pool where “Frederic Douglas” crooned some live music followed by some energetic karaoke down the road.
Folks were friendly, and nobody asked us if we needed to join their sex party (dang! 😉 ) They do group hikes on their trails, which were announced on the poolside intercom. We took ourselves on a little tour to see everything else – a game room with a fine pool table, TV, Terminator 2 pinball machines. Outside, their bare sand volleyball court is a popular feature, which seems to be what draws in lots of young people from local faculties on tournament weekends. Additionally, there are three tennis courts higher up on the property.
At nighttime the scene proceeds in the poolside bar to the cabaret. Let’s just say this is where Sunny Rest seems a little less “family-oriented.” A lot of girls wear dresses made from pieces of tightly-woven cord and so on.
But from what we saw that’s as far as it goes, no sex at the naturist resort is permitted in plain view or in a public setting. Some of the naturists areindeed swingers, but http://x-nudism.com/nudist_photos/beach-naked-fuck-fest-group.php think it is safe to say it is all behind closed doors.
Up Next- Our Nudist ParksTour Part 2
Felicity at the lake at Bonita Nudist Retreat
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Some naturist locations avoid lingerie or other attire considered hot, or body painting, or body competitions. Some frown on naked hugs or dancing.

Could attempting so much to be less sexual than non-naturists be counter productive? If people aren’t guilty of something, why must they challenge to establish they are innocent?
Welcome to the USA, where on a large political scale, perception is nine tenths of truth.
In practical terms, though, overdoing the defensiveness about sex might split naturist groups from each other also as alienate a sizeable section of the population that only needs to act the same with or without clothing.
Those appear noteworthy concerns especially for young folks. But if things do not go to extremes, there’s room for various kinds of naturism: outdoor, party, sports, religious, etc.; and let’s not forget children of very different ages. For behaving the same with or without clothing, that is the basic idea, which young children understand better than anyone!
What would you suggest to new naturists? They will not go into a lot of doctrine simply to attempt the experience.
Fair enough. They might find out what’s acceptable or not in the naturist environment they plan to be in and act correctly. Or the converse: find out if there’s a place or group that does things they want and prevents things they don’t.
It does not hurt to ask in a general way, or to read up a little about the problems, and those seeking assurances should be welcomed.
How does one see naturism changing over the the next couple of years with respect to these dilemmas?
That is too challenging for me to reply. But one thing seems clear: because naturism is still small stuff in the larger picture, it gains most from important occasions which can ben’t set up as naturist or by naturists. Examples: the World Naked Bike Ride and large scale or well-publicized performances by artists like Spencer Tunick and Sarah Small.
Favorable legal judgements help, of course. Paradoxically they comprise cases in the sexual realm, such as repealing anti-sodomy laws (Texas) or letting swinger parties (Quebec), as a result of the bigger world’s confusion of retro nudism with nudity. Also valuable is acceptance or acquittal of women for being topfree, which involves an equality issue even if courts have not substantially understood that.
It’s all about body acceptance, which shows up in many manners.
What about traditional naturist actions?
All the good news about naturist campgrounds, resorts, beaches, organizations, and activities are slowly showing the American people that naturism isn’t a sexualized practice and moreover has longstanding, important ties to many positive ideas and movements in health, psychology, the natural surroundings, and artwork. Continuing to highlight those positive links should diminish the importance of naturism to attest what it is not and free it to become what it aspires to.
Maybe naturist concerns about sexuality in their practice will decrease. Would http://beach-photos.net be fine if they evaporated?
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co founder of Naturist Portal.Naked Yoga at Evolvefest Yoga & Music Festival 2013
Nakedness at Evolvefest:
Evolvefest 2013 – Any yoga festival with a vision big enough to comprise naked yoga instantly has my support. Over Labor Day weekend this year, for the first time naked yoga formally strike Evolvefest Yoga and Music Festival. Evolvefest been cited by Yahoo as “one of the top ten yoga music festivals on the planet.” It took place over four days on a farm in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and it is generally held at once as Burning Man on the West Coast. It’s a terrific way for us East Coasters to save on cross country plane fares, stay local and still create a high vibe tribe. Many of the festival goers were East Coasters, but some musicians, like the Bhajans, came all the way from Seattle, while another couple teaching Tantra flew in from Asia for the occasion.
Isis Phoenix at Evolvefest

times when it is unnecessary for social protocol or physical relaxation is really to armour oneself in a manner that will block

new behaviours which could introduce more beneficial and rewarding alternatives; and encourage mental
growth.” 11
12. The nudist, literally, has nothing to conceal. He or she therefore has less anxiety, a fact supported by
In the words of Paul Ableman: “Removing your clothing symbolizes ‘taking off’ culture and its cares.
The nudist is stripped not only of garments but of the need to ‘dress a part,’ of kind and display, of service and all
the constraints of a sophisticated etiquette. . . . Farther than this, the nudist symbolically takes off an excellent burden of
Duty. By taking off his garments, he takes off the urgent problems of his day. For the time being, he’s no
More devoted to causes, opposed to this or that trend, in short a citizen. He becomes . . . a free being once
more.” 13
13. Clothes conceals the natural diversity of human body sizes and shapes. When people are never exposed to
nudity, they grow up with mistakes and unrealistic expectations about the body according to biased or
misinformed sources–for instance, from advertisements or mass media.
Because of this, breast augmentation is definitely the leading form of cosmetic surgery in the U.S. In the
1980s, American girls had more than 100,000 surgeries per year to change their breasts.14 Helen Gurley Brown,
Previous editor of Cosmopolitan, says, “I don’t believe 80 percent of the women in this state have any idea what other
women’s bosoms seem like. They have this idealized notion of how other folks’s bosoms are. . . . My God, is not it
Absurd to be an emancipated woman instead of really know exactly what a woman’s body looks like except your own?” 15
Paul Fussell notes, by contrast, that “a little time spent on Naturist beaches will persuade most girls that their
breasts and hips are not, as they may believe when alone, appalled by their mirrors, ‘strange,’ but fairly natural,
‘Unusual’ ones belonging totally to the nonexistent creatures depicted in perfect painting and sculpture. The same
with guys: in case you think nature has been unfair to you personally in the sexual human body sweepstakes, spend time among the
Naturists. You’ll learn that each man looks about the same–quite small, that is, and that epic fixtures are not
Merely exceptionally uncommon, they’re deformities.” 16
14. Clothes hides and thus creates mystery and ignorance about natural body processes, such as
pregnancy, adolescence, and aging. Kids (and even adults) who grow up in a nudist environment have far less
anxiety about these natural processes than those that are never exposed to them.
Margaret Mead writes, “clothes separate us from our personal bodies in addition to from the bodies of others. The
more society . . . muffles the human body in clothes . . . Disguise pregnancy . . . and hides breastfeeding, the
more individual and bizarre will be the child’s efforts to understand, to piece together a very imperfect knowledge
of the life-cycle of the two sexes and an comprehension of the specific state of maturity of their body.” 17
Some observations on the disposition of modesty.
15. Children are not created with any shame about nudity. They learn to be ashamed of their own nudity.
16. Shame, with respect to nudity, is relative to individual scenarios and customs, not complete.
By way of example, an Arab girl, encountered in circumstances of undress, will cover her face, not her body; she
bares her breasts without embarrassment, but believes the sight of the rear of her head to be still more indecent than
exposure of her face. (James Laver notes that “an Arab peasant woman captured in the fields without her veil will
throw her skirt over her head, therefore exposing what, to the Western mind, is a much more uncomfortable element of her
Physiology.”) In early Palestine, girls were obliged to keep their heads covered; to get a woman, to be surprised
outside the home with no head covering was a satisfactory reason for divorce. In pre -revolutionary China it was
Black for a female to show her foot, and in Japan, the rear of her neck. In 18th-century France, while check it was common, it was improper to expose the point of the shoulder. Herr Suren, writing in 1924, noted
that Turkish girls veiled their faces, Chinese girls concealed their feet, Arab women covered the backs of the heads,
and Filipino girls considered just the navel indecent.18
The comparative character of shame is admitted by Pope John Paul II. “There is a certain relativism in the
definition of what exactly is shameless,” he writes. ” http://x-nudism.com/demo1.php may be due to differences in the makeup of specific
Individuals . . . or to different ‘world views.’ It could equally be due to differences in external conditions–in climate for
instance . . . and additionally in prevailing customs, social habits, etc. . . . In this issue there is no exact similarity in the
Behaviour of particular people, even when they live in the same age and the exact same society. . . . Dress is consistently a social
question.” 19

Bare Sauna At Caesar Sauna – Poland’s Only Official Naturist Resort

Nude Sauna at Caesar Sauna – A GPS is only as great as the person who wastes good money to purchase one.
On my way out to the first and now only official naturist resort in Poland, the beautiful mountain side sauna and relaxation spa called Sauna Cezar (Polish for Caesar Sauna), I was told that the expressway running from Wroclaw east to Krakow would likely be my best bet. I was supposed to turn right and head south on Wroclawska Street, (literally, the road to Wroclaw). The GPS would not stop telling me to turn around. I caved. I began heading north. I turned onto a narrow steep road, drove about 500 feet, turned the corner, and nearly crashed into a bollard. The remaining portion of the road was a path for pedestrians.
Bielsko Biala, town of Caesar Sauna
The GPS desired to take me east along a beautiful country highway. I recognized it was set to avoid freeways. Driving on a expressway in Poland includes paying a toll. Poles are notoriously wary of paying anything. No wonder it was the default setting. I tried to navigate the menu to no avail. I tried to switch the language to English. Nothing worked. State highway it would be.
There are not many traffic lights in Poland. There are also not many stop signs. Every road is either a priority road or not, where case a driver either has the right of way or must yield it. This allows for a steady ride. Additionally, it has a tendency to make drivers go fast. Polish highways have a reputation for being wild. Driving as I am accustomed on a state highway around 80 kph (that’s 50 miles per hour), I was always being left in the dust trail of a Volvo sedan – until of course I came across a line of automobiles too diffident to negotiate a big, slow moving truck. Hardly any highways in Poland have more than one lane. Actually, just about the only time you see two lanes is going uphill – which never lasts for long. A driven motorist constantly risks getting smashed.
Despite feeling sheepish as I passed beneath the expressway I was supposed to have taken, I loved the drive – until I reached the outskirts of Bielsko Biala, the town in which Caesar Sauna is situated. An hour of traffic was backed up. Happily there were two lanes. as soon as I saw the orange triangle sitting on the ground I understood it was not the omnipresent construction going on in the nation. It was an accident. Motorists in Europe are expected by law not only to have their own crisis road triangles, but also fire extinguishers, as well as an orange vest to put on when doing roadside repairs. Add the fact that you just consistently have to drive with your lights on and the chances of an American being stopped by a cop increase fifty-fold.
Luckily the “road devils” could be http://x-nudists.com/index.php/2016/04/27/stripped-to-the-skin-this-provoker-bill-was-the-one-to-wear-swimming-trunks/ . A whole sequence of motorists flashed me their brights before I took a swift turn down the highway. Sure enough, around the corner a motorcycle policeman stood next to his ride. I waved but he did not wave back. He was attempting to inconspicuously cradle a radar gun.
When the GPS told russian bare nudists had reached my destination I realized I was at another dead end. I called Peter, the Dutchman who with his Polish wife runs and resides at the small mountainside naturist resort. He explained I was on the wrong road. It had the correct name, but to get to the upper reaches, I had to drive up another road.
So much for GPS.
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Will Public Nudity Ever Become Legal in the Future?

Guest site by: Joseph P
Will Public Nudity Become Authorized:
Gamers: they make up a sizeable part of the new generation. Many have varying values, but what do they think of public nudity? Public nudity has never really been discussed, partially because it’s entire ban varies from less than a century to thousands of years, determined by what part of the world you’re from. When the disagreement comes, it appears the world is divide.
The online game Nation States looked like the right place for a survey. The game is about creating your own country and seeing what your private policies would mean for a country. The amount of gamers is probably around 50,000, and ideologies vary from communism and fascism to libertarianism and republicanism. The most noteworthy feature of the game is the newsgroup, where players can begin or participate in actions such as wars, or general arguments and discussions over everyday problems and stories.
Lately deciding to become a naturist, I desired to see the reaction of the game citizenry to public nudity. And so, on the twenty-fourth of June, the discussion began. I made the opening argument, going over the whole naturist debate for the loyal and non-faithful.
What could be the opposition’s argument? What would they say to the Bible not being against naturism, and that it was the rights of nudists to be naked? In the early stages of the discussion, there was little fighting, and no one was ranting, except for me, on the initial view . The primary debater, whose nation is called The Emerald Legion, began to fight against nudity near 6 p.m. on the first day
Protest signs in San Francisco where public nudity lately became illegal
His first statement, that was a bit comedic, but still somewhat serious, was:
“Here is a listing of things fundamentally wrong with nudity.
-Lack of Pockets.
-Exposure to the Elements
-Exposure to the, usually hostile to bare-flesh, items around us such as sharp edges, concrete, thorn bushes, and insects.
-Lack of pockets.
-Decreasing your ability to conceal specific instincts. (And before you go on about it, yes I understand nudists become desensitized to nudity, however it’d be a lot harder for a bare man to conceal his arousal should he truly become aroused and continue on minus the instant becoming inconvenient than if he had just wear some pants or a kilt or something.)”
Obviously, everyone here could snap back in a split second. His arguments continued until the very end of the argument. What else did he say? His problems were with people being exposed to too much UV rays and his view of it being indecent. His view of public nudity: “Bloody ignorant.” It is the way he grew up, I imagine. He DID admit to truly being a hater of the outdoors, and that he’d cover up as much as possible. That’s his belief, I guess.
The debate was chiefly by him, but most notably were a few debaters, who didn’t need to see an old man nude. This seemed a few times, revealing that society still has bias towards the human body. The most comedic line of every one of this was
Waxewill wrote: “Public nudity is fineunless you have a bmi over 25. ew.”
Rocopurr wrote: “Every time I hear someone on this train of thought b**** or whine about heavy individuals being naked a little part of me wants to just walk up naked to them only to hear them yell over my fat rolls.”
Back to business:
The only other argument which was noteworthy was the well known “think of the children” argument. Though studies of kids and nudity revealed no psychological effects, but only gains for nudist kids, the opposition remained stubborn.
Although tolerant/nudist side crushed the opposition in the argument, the final result demonstrated:
YES, and I ‘m a nudist: 19 (4%)
YES, and I am NOT a naturist: 204 (43%)
NO, and I’m NOT a nudist [obviously]: 208 (44%)
Undecided: 40 (8%)”
This reveals that total, public nudity continues to be a rough problem. The website debate.org revealed similar effects, except more in favor of the legalization of public nudity.
The survey and discussion demonstrates this:
Public nudity is a movement with high hopes. In America, it’ll hopefully manage to become an issue. In case it manages to do so, and it likely will if people push for this, it’s going to be legal by 2060. Yes, it is a very long time, but it is merely a guess. For all we know, it could come sooner. If you desire it to come sooner, try pushing it in your hometown or county or get involved with the Naturist Action Committee. I know there are a number of readers who live in rural areas, and when you can convince one man, it’ll make a difference. It needs to begin one village at a time, then towns, then the counties. After this, we can continue and ensure it is legal. The opposition has nowhere to run, so perhaps we can expect nudity to come to a town in your area!
What do you think? Will public nudity ever become authorized in the U.S.? Take the poll!
Take Our Poll
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