San Francisco Nudity Prohibition – The Saga Continues

Update on the San Francisco Nudity Ban
San Francisco Nudity Prohibition – As expected, a small quantity of nudists re-filed a fed civil rights lawsuit this past Friday. These people are challenging the city of San Francisco’s recent ban on public nudity.
The naked activists say that the new law violates their right of freedom of speech. They go to clarify that law enforcement has supposedly demanded the ban against these people selectively. They claim they have been targeted even when they get naked for political demonstration while other people who take part in distinct bare proceedings go unscathed.
The law passed by the Board of Supervisors late last year took effect on Feb 1, 2013. As of February new offenders may be fined up to $100.
A previous kind of this legal action was dismissed on January 29 by U .S . Judge Chen claimed that nudity in and of itself wasn’t protected by freedom of speech speech since it “isn’t inherently expressive.”
Nonetheless, Judge Chen stated the activists may file an amended suit after the law took effect If they consider the law was applied against them in a discriminatory manner.
The amended suit adds a 5th plaintiff, Russell “Trey” Allen, to the before 4 plaintiffs (Mitch Hightower, George Davis, Russell Mills as well as Oxane “Gypsy” Taub ). All these people reside in San Francisco with the exception of Taub, living in Berkeley.

The new litigation requests a ruling proclaiming that the just enacted legislation / law is unconstitutional if carried out against the plaintiffs. They had also requested an interim restraining order and preceding injunction preventing enforcement of what the law states. No hearings have now been set as of yet.
Matt Dorsey on behalf of the City Attorney Dennis Herrera stated: “We Are still in the process of reviewing this, and it’d be premature for us to comment substantively.”
Dorsey claimed the city’s attorneys have until March 29 to register a result to the latest legal action or require its termination.
San Francisco Nudity Ban
The laws crafted by Manager Scott Wiener bans public nudity in San Francisco. It does however make exceptions for parades and fairs that have got the proper permits and in cases of young kids under the age of five.
The purpose of the rally was to speak up against the new law. The suit also alleges that Davis was arrested while participating in a nude dance show that was put together by the plaintiffs on February 27. asserts that none of the plaintiffs (or some of the other unclothed attendees for that matter) were detained by the police during the February 17 motion picture filming. In addition, it makes a point that no one was detained during a March 9 bare bike ride put together by a few other parties.
“Defendants have taken every chance to strike at plaintiffs at events they organize, while apparently being struck by a sense of obliviousness as it pertains to events arranged by others who are not part of the litigation,” the amended legal action professes.
The result of the San Francisco nudity prohibition case is pending and we will do our best to keep you all updated!
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