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Tell us a little bit about you, your firm / organization / business and what you do.
I am a holistic health care professional. Using health kinesiology( muscle testing), massage and yoga to prepare and help bring balance and wellness into people’s lives and bodies.
How did you become involved in your current naked, naked or clothing-optional related business / organization / efforts?
I’ve been a naturist most my life. A friend/ client requested me to teach naked yoga January 2011, now I’m out of the closet and adoring the exposure and freedom!
Why did you agree to sponsor the Unclothed Year’s Eve event, and what does that entail?
Naturist Portal is a fantastic group of fun loving folks. Any occasion they sponsor is ensured a great time. I feel it’s an excellent business opportunity to reach like-minded folks with the well-being systems I offer, listed below:
One hour therapeutic massage including detox ionizing footbath.
Vibro acoustic frequency chair massage including ionizing detox foot-bath.
Spiritual dowsing clearing and Health Kinesiology consultation and balancing.
In the Unclothed Year’s event raffle one lucky winner may receive a gift certificate for the Therapeutic Massage (Value: $130), the Vibro Acoustic Massage (Value: $85), and a one hour private Naked Yoga session (Value: $85).
Beth Nolan Bare Naked Yoga
We decided to coin a new phrase. Some of our members are nudists, and some are naturists. In an effort to reunite us all, we’re going striving to coin the term “nudie” (noodee). With that in your mind, what does nudie’sm (noo-dee-iz-uh’m) mean to ?
You nudie you!
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and cofounder of Naturist Portal.