What We Can All Learn About Body Image From A Teen Naturist

By Guest Blogger – Ms. Just Concealed
Who better to train me / us about adolescents and body image than the usual teenage naturist girl! Lucky for me, there’s a great family who I love dearly, and as luck would have it, one of the daughters is 15 years old, a naturist and a talented writer! Below is the post she wrote especially for us.
Teenage Girls And Body Image Problems

I just recently turned 15 years old. I’m a teen girl and I’ve been a naturist for the last 3 years. As a result, body approval is, in addition, common in our community. Regardless of this, the students around me still appear to have trouble accepting their own bodies. As a teenager, I’m faced everyday with predicaments and worries concerning my body and others. At school, no matter who you hang out with, you hear people say things like; “I am too fat.” “You’re so pretty!” “My boobs are too small.” “My boobs are too big.” “I wish I looked like you.”
Personally I do not find these concerns to be as pressing. As a young child, http://xotad.com/tube/beach loved to read and learn. I didn’t see a lot of TV or read magazines. By avoiding those two media sources, I managed to prevent so much of the mainstream media’s ideas. I was not comparing myself to models and I looked up to my parents as instances of great adults. My dad was also a image-shoot stylist for a while, which presented me to an entirely different view of fashion than the broadly accepted viewpoint. I saw fashion and clothing in general, to have two main uses: function or expression.
I knew I would never look like nudists clips in a magazine, but I also knew that models did not look like models in magazines. Hairdressers, make-up artists, photographers, and stylists all brought to the persona that would be the product of the pic-shoot. In reality, just a small few of the pictures shot ever make it to the public eye. Understanding this relieved that pressure of living up to the images of attractiveness which were illustrated in vogue magazines everywhere.
However, I still started to become insecure. I was still too skinny, too short, and too bony. You will find two things that helped me gain confidence and approval of my own body. Dance and naturism really allowed me to overcome my insecurities. Naturism on the other hand, enabled me to actually see that nobody was the same. Everybody was different and the socially approved perspectives of attractiveness were limited to some small number of actual folks. Even then, they didn’t fit the ideal perfectly.
All things considered, I discovered attractiveness to be an extremely subjective ideal that depended on the situation and person. Almost all of us struggle with body image and comparing ourselves to others makes it worse. I found that, accepting that your own body will grow in a unique way is a vital part of body acceptance.
I would really like to thank Ms. Barely Hidden for writing this excellent site about Teenage Body Image for us! Please feel free to comment and show her the love and admiration she deserves!
Let us hope she will be willing to share more of her ideas with us!
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