A Rant About Climate Change

Along with naturism, I’m interested in a lot of other things. Such as the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are fast ( http://shockintown.com ) destroying the planet Earth.
Now, I love summer and warm weather, and I am just as eager as the next naturist to leave the clothes in my own dressing table and run to the closest bare beach or club on the first adequate springtime day. (Fair Weather!! Spring! Blossoms! Sunblock! I get very excited.) But I am more worried than excited this season. With all the record breaking hot temperatures throughout the U.S. (80 degrees, Chicago, in March?!), you may have been wondering like I haveIs it just part of the natural weather cycles? Or is itdun dun dunGLOBAL HEATING ?
Merely concerning the March heat waves, that question will take several months of research and analyzing to reply. But global warming, more correctly referred to as climate change, ISN’T JUST an all-natural weather cycle. It’s happening, it is human-caused and we should do something about it. Yet according to a Gallup poll, only 34% of Americans agree that it’s a serious problem needing immediate actions. Have you ever seen or read about scientists or anyone debating the event of climate change? And debating whether it is caused by individuals or not? Newsflash: It Is not a discussion. The world’s leading scientists have previously gotten together, did http://picsnudism.com and research, and affirmed that. In fact, in accordance with the novel Think by solicitor / legal analyst Lisa Bloom, the UN brought them together 4 times since 1990 to affirm that it is a human-caused phenomenon taking effect right now.
Numerous people will be forced to relocate or flooded out of their houses and villages, and yet folks in the Pacific island nations for example, will have nowhere to go.
Nat. Geographical, Photograph by Peter Essick
Meanwhile, apathy appears to rule the American population and also the U.S. government. The United Nations has long been criticizing the U.S. because it’s not adopted a comprehensive national program for reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions, according to the NY Times article, Global Warming & Climate Change.The last big climate change bill didn’t make it past the Senate.
Now I know that we now have loads of other problems to worry about in the planet like poverty, slavery, FGM. But who cares about the slaves and the poor people if they’re going to expire in a huge cyclone in the near future? If we can no longer live on this particular planet, I (like Bloom) argue that all the other issues become secondary. Including naturism, if we don’t have any planet to go naked on.
Though climate change is a huge worldwide menace, elected officials are sitting on their hands. Thankfully, we can fight it on an individual amount. What exactly can we do? I’ve also never seen an improved reason for going vegetarian or only eating less meat. Another recent study says we must cut meat consumption in half by 2050 to avoid climate catastrophe. View resources below for more ways to reduce emissions and slow down climate change.
So, what do you think about global warming / climate change? Would you believe it is an issue? Are you really taking actions and if so, how?
What exactly is Global Warming? (Note: Global warming refers to the Earth warming up, but “climate change” is now the preferred name since some parts of Our Planet will get hotter while other parts get chillier.)
More Ways In Which You Can Help Reduce Greenhouse Gases
EPA lists ways for at home, on the road, at work & at school
The Nature Conservancy has a straightforward list
The Union of Concernced Scientists also lists what it is possible to do
The retreat of Pedersen Glacier in Alaska. Left: summer 1917. Right: summer 2005. Credit: 1917 pic captured by Louis H. Pedersen; 2005 photograph taken by Bruce F. Molnia.
See comparison pictures of the effects of climate change from space like the one above on NASA’s website.
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