We Want Your Help For Our FKK & Terlam Nude Gym & Spa!

As many of you know, in March of this year, we purchased a women’s fitness center in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Above all, it was follow with a source of sales. As naturists, we felt that buying a women’s health club was the perfect opportunity to reach two goals: 1) favorably impact an existing women’s fitness company with our naturist worth including a positive body image, and 2) provide a year-round space for naturists to enjoy a fitness center / spa in the nude on the weekends. What’s more, due to high prices in the Nyc area, we liked the notion of combining two business models under one roof that would work together synergistically.
In the last five months, we’ve worked hard to ease a change in direction and upgrade the facility. As is frequently the situation, we were faced with many unknown problems that we had to deal with, for example, rehabilitation of the AC system, in addition to the pool pumps and filters. Moreover, offering unclothed services on the weekend, even as a private event, upset many of the existing members and the community at large, resulting in membership cancellations, calls from law enforcement and extra scrutiny from health inspectors. Over time, we have gained support, but it’s taken a toll on the business.
We consider the New York metropolitan area deserves a year round place that naturists can gather to socialize, relax as well as work out. Nonetheless, to keep Terlam a feasible company, we want your support. July and August are traditionally lean months for gymnasium companies and even more so for an indoor naturist club! However , if the cooler weather arrives in September, we are interested in being prepared and open. To that end, we now have created an IndieGoGo campaign at http://igg.me/at/bare-health spa where you can make contributions. We have created many great perks for all amounts of contributions including monthly, annual and lifetime membership alternatives. In particular, we have created a unique $200 perk-if you contribute $200 by July 31st, you will get a yearly membership to FKK and Terlam, which will be typically $400.
We hope you will consider making a gift. Not to mention, we expect to see you at Terlam.
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