The problems FKK has with some judgmental naturists

Judgmental Naturists – Being involved in nudism has its dilemmas. One such problem is that of having an open line of communication. So with that in your mind, I would like to take a moment to address an essential point.
When we posted the post about swingers and naturism, we understood we would get a discussion going. That has been nudism free pic family .
At times the discussion opens our eyes and head to a fresh approach. Other times it reinforces our beliefs. But, just like we don’t agree with the manner content gets censored, we don’t believe that people have the right to enforce their beliefs on others. It is an individual’s right to be exceptional provided that it doesn’t inflict / hurt / damage / infringe (and so forth) on another person’s right or ability to be the unique person they actually are.
So while we post about particular problems, that will not mean that we subscribe to certain beliefs. In the case of the swingers post, we see no harm in having the capacity to discuss it openly. By the end of the day, as long as we can discuss topics openly, we stand a chance of getting approval. The way some people reacted is rather hypocritical.
Some naturists took a strong judgmental position in relation to swinging. So to all the judgmental naturists out there, we’d just like to say –
This brief post (our first naked shorts) about judgmental nudists was printed by Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Naturist Portal.
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