Jordan Blum: So to answer your question, Alex* – to hit their heart spending demographic – Young white male middle to upper middle class and open minded to next experiences / adventurist / excitable. Likely with disposable income / access to cash or credit

So basically. As in – The men with the disposable income. Expecting to hang out with the only young pretty naked women?
Jordan Blum: Well that’s a tricky question and probably best to be answered by But in my opinion, depending on just the mp4, it was made with the aim to make its money on a bigger audience. This talk reaffirms that they are probably on the right track too as us not being the center demographic.
Still don’t enjoy that showing boobs is the only method.
Jordan Blum: Not the only method A optimistic quick / ROI oriented way. Again, I could be entirely wrong about everything I said, it is just the impression I get.
The opinions continued:
It’s nevertheless think it is a great movie and I think there should be a fair share of showing both male and female.
Let us hope so.
It was at this point that the Naturist Video producer chimed in herself:
To reply some anxiety about lack of men in the shoot: I strove to find more guys to come and mainly only women could appear. nudism teen was the best I could make at the time. Our aim would be to have fun and show the world that getting naked with friends is fun and trendy.
Which prompted the following:
I feel you’ve got reached that. It made me want to see Deep Creek! I revealed my wife just as I saw your movie. Somehow, I wasn’t even aware of the male/female ratio. Maybe it’s just me.
Maybe it should have just focused on the backdrop , not pay much attention to the individuals themselves
I simply think the clip is excellent and great to show how entertaining skinny dipping is.
The naked people were only part of the excellent backdrop. The FUN was what stood out for me
This debate has inspired a challenge: can anyone find an example of a non- voyeuristic, gender-balanced, informative, entertaining naturism-positive clip that can be appreciated equally by both males and females?
FKK has some brief videos on YouTube that don’t only flash women’s breasts. Perhaps more naturists should step up and make one.
Jordan Blum: Our videos are message driven only. Plus the quality, editing, post production are really wonderful (not too mention much more complicated and time consuming).
Ex Naturist Video Producer: Agreed. I got a lot of whines sent if you ask me about the possible lack of identical penis time in the vid, since I directed/created CFI past videos they believed this was mine also. I corrected them and passed info to Corky who says future ON PLACE videos will have more dudes involved.
Well all the promotions for nudist resorts I have seen use women rather than men as their representative.
That is accurate. One unique I know just uses women though they are a couples only resort.
The Real Naturist Clip Producer Chimes in: I’m sorry for your concern of the lack of penis . It merely happens that we now have more girls at my bashes than men.
I believe it’s amazing that you’ve got a great number of girls at your parties!
Ex Nudist Video Producer: It Is not the insufficient dick there it’s the lack of it shown on video. Not one close-up compared to the breast/vag close-ups, there were men there, so concerns I got was on the pick to omit dudes in final cut. Oh well- can’t make everyone happy, trust me I understand that. See u soon.
Felicity Jones: That’s not the problem. The men that ARE there are scarcely seen, and there’s also a voyeuristic focus on the women’s bodies. A zoom on a girl’s crotch, but no zoom on a man’s crotch. It appears like it was made merely to grab the attention of straight men. We, meaning the naturist community as a whole, can do better. We should always look closely at the picture we are putting out there & think about how it will be perceived. Refusing to do that is to neglect from the beginning. Thank you @Ex Producer! So glad you understand
Ex Nudist Movie Producer: Exactly
That’s an extremely valid point, Felicity.
nudism teen , Felicity. In order for the movie to be honest, it should give a feel of the sex balance at the function and reveal the fun people were having, not close ups of breasts and vaginas.