Families that practice nudism and naturism and visit naturist resorts are extremely well adjusted and the kids grow up with a healthy perspective of the human body. At some resorts, specific activities are planned for kids like games, sports, and arts and crafts. Most family-oriented clubs will have a playground and maybe a stash of toys for all children to love.

You do not need to always be nude while at a naturist resort (at least at most of them). There are times when it is not comfortable to be without clothes such as if the weather turns chilly or perhaps you catch a cold and should cover up.
But many resorts do have areas where nudity is expected, like in the pool or sauna. At a clothing-optional resort, clothes / swimsuits are optional everywhere.
A trip to one of the many nudist resorts in America or around the world can be a most rewarding experience. If you’ve never attempted it, you should. If you embrace the lifestyle, you are probably planning the next trip right now.
This article about naturist resorts was printed by -Young Naturists and Nudists America FKKAn Interview with Mitch Hightower, San Francisco Nudity-In Activist
San Francisco Nudity Activist Interview
San Francisco Nudity – The prohibition will go into effect on February 1st, 2013, and forbid nudity in most public places. But, activist Mitch Hightower and other opponents have filed a suit to attempt to get the verdict overturned, mentioning a freedom of speech violation.
Previous attempts to rescind anti-nudity laws on the foundation of free speech have already been unsuccessful, but this time, who knows, perhaps they’ll win! Here is a CNN movie of the supervisors discussing the issue and protesters stripping down at City Hall.
Mitch is a San Francisco nude activist who has been arranging “Nude-Ins,” petitions and rallies ever since the Castro became a naturist hang out spot.
I am not sure why all the efforts thus far have not succeeded in preventing the banAre the naturists merely too few in number to thwart the strategy of one motivated anti-nudity politician? Have the strategies been too aggressive? Did people ignore NAC’s call to action to write to the managers? I can only theorize. But I will be sure the loss of this independence will impact us all.
“Nudity Just IsN’t A Crime” San Francisco Nudity Protest
Would you consider yourself a naturist? How long have fucking on beach been a nudist? Can you go or have you gone naked at beaches, naturist clubs, resorts? How long have you lived in SF?
Mitch Hightower: I’ve been an active nudist since age 16. I now consider myself a body independence activist. While I enjoy nudity at beaches, resorts and so on, I also use my nude body to bring attention to causes or events I believe in.
How long have you ever been going nude in the Castro and for what reason?
I’m not among the people who often gets naked in the Castro. Those are the only three times I have personally been naked in this location. You’re able to learn more about the annual NUDE IN Body Independence Demonstration on my website.
I am known around SF as one of the “event nude guys.” That is to say, I generally allow my public nudity for parades, fairs or other street occasions where this sort of action has been going on for decades within San Francisco. My other public nudity encounter has been for photo shoots for my own web site and my group of printed photography novels.
Most of the Urban Nudists I know are really quite shy and are not looking for altercations. I noticed that some of the nudists were getting bashed by the press and a local politician. I presumed this obvious intolerance in San Francisco was unacceptable and so I used my extensive links and long list of supporters to mobilize protests to attract attention to what I believe is a misunderstood group of harmless folks.
Regrettably, the plaza popular with the nudists also brought an element of exhibitionism. This behavior crossed the line of recognized http://www.nudistclip.com . Because of the egregious behaviour of two or three individuals, (who we have since successfully eliminated from coming to the plaza), most of the Urban Nudists got lumped in with the exhibitionist element unfairly.