Naked yoga is a brand new tendency that brings eyes and lifts eyebrows. Once the word gets out a new local naked yoga class is starting, bloggers, local newspapers and even national syndicates might be interested in writing or shooting a story about your course. You can’t do much about lifted eyebrows except talk with clarity and credibility each time you are interviewed or asked about your class. A clear truthful message is more likely to inspire people who are indecisive about their thoughts on naked yoga and are waiting to see whose face and voice are behind it.

Eventually, identify which press you talk to and constantly ask the individual doing the reporting from what angle they intend to approach the story. Some go by the philosophy that any press is good press. However, to maintain the integrity of your class and the comfort of , if the angle for the story sounds too sensational, you might want to pass it up.
My naked yoga class is up and running, what’s next?
Congrats! Thanks for spreading the wonderful and healing practice of naked yoga.
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Young Naturists and Naturists AmericaSexual Silence – Talking About Sexuality and Sex
Guest Website by Steve Messmer, FKK Upstate NY
In our last sex-positive blog – Nudity and Sex – we considered that among the problems we face in reaching non-naturists is the communication gap between the naked and non nude traditions. There is currently a insufficient common language, experience and understanding with some of the understandings about social nudity.
Many non-nudies associate nudity with sex. Naturism comprehends we’re sexual beings, but for the naturist, social nudity does not mean people or group sex. We need a more sex-positive strategy. Not because we need social nudity to mean public sex, but because we need certainly to begin where non-nudies start. We must comprehend the non-naturist perspective and admit their issues in a real and clear cut means in order to engage them and show them something different. Therefore, in this sex positive blog, we are going to move ahead and talk about what it means to go beyond sexual quiet within naturism. We hope that the discussion may be helpful to non-naturists who are open to naturism but need to comprehend more realistically what this means from a sexual standpoint. Mainstream America wants more than the standard, and somewhat innocent statement that social nudity is completely non-sexual.’ Also, we’re going to consider that maybe naturism can find additional purpose in coping with particular aspects of sexuality.
Sexual Silence
Let’s begin with the fundamental position of contemporary naturism. We understand the fact that Naturism is founded on the notion of non-sexual social nudity, rest, relaxation and health. So, a fair question to ask is, why rock the boat? Why move the conversation beyond the relative security of ? Well, maybe we should consider that this regular position, while relieving the typical awareness that nudity = sex, may make deeper anxieties unexplained. By consistently responding defensively with the normal non-sexual’ reaction, are we preempting a deeper more meaningful conversation that may bring some people more eagerly into naturism?
We understand that one of the greatest values we share in naturism is body approval. There actually are lots of folks out there who are struggling with accepting their own bodies along with others. Right along with that is the entire problem of accepting one’s own sexuality. It may be that non-naturists who take enough time to investigate naturism may see our nakedness as the mark of an open, accepting and vulnerable community – the sort where sexual silence can be broken, and in which it may be safe for their sake to discuss their bodies and their sexuality. They may be expecting for a place where they could learn about things they have never had the opportunity to freely discuss in families, culture, or , where all things body, all things sexual are only taboo; where quiet and fear reign.
Might it be possible that they come from an area where the only sex talk they hear is the empty babble of the media, locker room and the porn business? Perhaps deep down, they don’t actually need to hear that our nudity is “a-sexual”? Maybe there are folks out there who need to know that we are safe. That nudists aren’t having sex in public or expecting them to. Perhaps they’re expecting that we’ll be willing to address some of the questions they may have about sexuality in an open and non judgmental way.