Nerdlesque – Burlesque For NERDS? Actually?

Nerdlesque – We’re beginning to see it more and more, a kind of entertainment going through a lovely resurrection : burlesque. It’s taking the stage once again with its evening gloves, swirling tassles, and sequins all entwined in a seductive dance.
Burlesque appears to be regaining the acclaim it once had in the early 1900s, and we find this really exciting! Most notably after seeing one of its new offspring called ,” bringing out the sex appeal of nerd culture.
Taking place in a little theater in Brooklyn called the Brick Theater about every 2 months, Nerdlesque is a made up of superhero performers, offbeat characters and filled with references to nerdy things like fantasy computer games and comic book villains.
We went to their show on Saturday night, February 4th. The theater looks to conceal on the block, as there are not any lights or big signs to distinguish it.
I could barely make out the words Brick Theater on a small plaque before heading through the first doorway. We waited patiently with a small bunch, standing in the limited space between the ticket desk and the entry.
Nerdlesque Hosts Makin’ Whoopee and Dick E. Lovejoy
Several minutes later we entered and sat down. It was little with an close distance between the seats and stage, but still an expert set-up.
By showtime it was packed, and people were sitting on the ground. Hosts Makin’ Whoopee and Dick E. Lovejoy opened and hosted the show. These two did a funny act that I think was referencing World of Warcraft (or another computer game that I’m not nerdy enough to know.)
The actions to follow were unique, with subtle, playful comedy and many different characters. My favorite was Iris Explosion as The Flash. In the middle of the show they asked for two volunteers to go on stage and play a trivia game.
For each question answered accurately, two performers, one on each side, would take off an item of clothes. They asked a group of questions I couldn’t have answered, even if I ‘d studied beforehand, but the players successfully got some clothing removed. It was a fun little interlude in the show.
As a side note, part of what I presume is burlesque’s new appeal is that the women are all different shapes and sizes, just like real life.
Many of them have curvy and voluptuous figures, and it’s practically enviable, how comfortable they are with their bodies. Their charisma and seduction doesn’t depend on whether or not they have cellulite or love handles, but rather naturally comes through as they shake it on stage and show off what they got.
performer Stella Chuu
As much as we loved these performances, we were really anticipating the after-party and its guarantee ofget ready for itstrip board games!! On the program for that night: strip Operation and strip Apples to Apples ! When the show was over the audience members were invited to remain for drinks and games. A table was set up for Operation, and us, along with the 10 other participants, formed teams on each side. The rules that nighttime were if someone buzzed the nose, each member of their team had to remove clothing.
To include a little intensity, there were additionally challenge cards to pick, such as the speed challenge to work in 5 seconds. Operation hasn’t been so thrilling, and the night flew by with a rowdy, naked great time! Lastly, just thought I would share a conversation I had with a player next to me during the game, as I was talking to him about naturism. Him : Are all of these people nudists? (Yes, we are EVERYWHERE.)
Me : No, only me and him and those couple of people over there.

Him : So you guys like have orgies?
Me : No, we only hang out nude, have indoor and outdoor events, celebrations..People who do the social sexual stuff are called swingers.
.I grew up as a naturist at a club, you know, and there, there’s naked swimming, tennis, naked volleyball, naked hiking,
Him : And orgies?
Me : No.
Him : Why not?
Stay tuned for another showing of Nerdlesque, to which we’ll encourage you all!
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