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Naturist Membership – Like FKK and what we do? Get more involved with a FKK membership! By becoming an associate of Naturist Portal you’re helping us to boost the issues which are important to all people. This membership will unify you with other young naturists who share your passion for nudism and naturism, body acceptance, boosting the body as a lovely human form, acceptance of people, maintaining your right to love life bare, and an feeling of support.
Your membership is a sign of support and it’s what helps us keep the lights on. If you are only looking to get something tangible in return then maybe you should not become a part.
With that said, as a FKK member, you’ll receive these benefits:
A reduced rate on any current or future online platforms and networks that we establish
A reduced entry fee for any FKK occasions and parties
Our love and gratitude for supporting our work and helping us and the naturist movement grow farther!
We’re also working with naturist clubs, resorts, etc to reduce their fees for FKK members and will be slowly adding to the list of affiliates.
*Click here to see the current list of affiliate places offering a discount with FKK membership.*
The price of membership will function as the same for everyone, but may change predicated on age group. You will find two kinds of FKK membership cards: age 34 and under, and age 35 and up*. We identify these two age groups in order to make our events, naturist resorts / clubs, and naturism in general, more affordable and accessible to the younger generation. Everyone will get a membership number, and this amount will start with the letter “Y” on 34 and under cards.
*NOTE: You do NOT have to be under a certain age to join FKK. do not have age limits. Simply certain FKK occasions will have age restrictions (for example 21 ) depending on the big event. As mentioned before, some affiliate clubs may also bill differently based on age.
Our memberships are put in place to auto-renew annually through Paypal upon purchase. Should youn’t want to auto-renew, you will need to nullify the automatic payments through Paypal, even if you don’t have a a Paypal account. If you’ll need help, feel free to contact us.
By becoming a FKK participant you’re agreeing to conform to our rules, principles and ideals as follows:
Rules and Values:
Always leave a location (or a person) in better shape than it was before you got there.
No obvious sexual behaviour in a public setting while participating in any of our (FKK’s) occasions.
No trashing. Respect your surroundings.
Value others’ right to privacy. Including their right with respects to their own identity, writings and any photography.
You must agree to resolve conflicts quickly, openly & directly.
You must respect others as they are.
You consent to be proactive – if you see something , you say something! (not standing up for our principles might lead to the immediate cancellation of your FKK membership).

Treat others with respect.
Be tolerant and compassionate.
Accept others for who they are and not what they do (or what other folks might say).
No intimidation allowed!
Support others who are helping alter the world absolutely.
Giving back to the community and helping out in the community.
Assisting and supporting those in need.
Joining forces with other people, groups and organizations who share our morals and ideals.
No discrimination of anyone as long as they abide by the rules (regardless of sex, race, sexuality / sexual preference, body art / piercings, body type and so on)
More questions about membership? See our membership FAQs page.
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