breastfeeding decline? Sexualizing the female breast meant that exposing it was

obscene. The suitable nature of breastfeeding evaporated. Now moms had to
resort to all kinds of idiotic behavior to feed their infants. They had to hide
their breast–and their baby–under a towel or blanket. They had to be exiled to
another room, away from “normal” individuals. They have even had to sit in a people
toilet stall as a last resort, instead of showing that awful, sexual breast of
This is utter madness!
Breastfeeding in America
is so inconvenient, as a result of this nonsensical belief that an exposed nursing
breast is obscene, that many women simply choose not to breastfeed, in spite of
the fact that breastfeeding is the healthiest choice for their kids.
Because the breast is
sexualized, women want their breasts to appear as appealing as possible.
Hence many girls choose not to breastfeed because they’re scared it will
cause their breasts to seem less appealing. So the health of our kids is
compromised for purposes of vanity!

This insanity has got to
Cease! The female breast, particularly in its function as nurturer to the human
species, must be restored to its original nobility. Women must have the capacity to feel
comfortable nursing their kids. They must be made to feel accepting of their
breasts, regardless of what state they are in. They must be able to feel that
the intention of their breasts would be to nurture kids, not to be objects of lust
for guys.
How do we do ? By
Enabling women to nurse their infants wherever, whenever, the demand arises,
without forcing them to leap through senseless hoops to avoid being seen. The
human race has survived millennia of exposed breasts as mothers nursed their
children. The morality of “enlightened” Western civilization will not crumble at
the sight of a nursing breast.
The amusing part is, it is
Absolutely legal to do so! The La Leche League’s web site states: have a right to
breastfeed where they go with their infant, even if that’s outside in public. It does
not matter whether the mother goes to a people or a private place, or even
whether they are in a state with legislation. No one has the right to tell a
Mom how to feed her infant, notably a manner that raises the risk of illness
to both mother and baby! Legislation was enacted in nearly one half of the
states in the U.S. because they need to clarify this right… It is expected that
legislation will help change society’s attitudes that breastfeeding is
something indecent and should not be done in public….
Babies should be
breastfed on demand, and moms should not feel forced to use bottles…. No
breastfeeding mother should be told that she should have to use bottles, anymore
than a bottle feeding mother should be told that she should be breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is an act of nurture, not something to be hidden. Mothers should
be allowed to select for themselves how they would like to feed their infant, and our
society should not deter their choice, particularly when it’s one that
benefits all people.
It really is significant to
Recall that girls have a right to breastfeed in public whether there is a law
or not. The intent of laws is NOT to legalize it, but to clarify the
fact that girls have the right to breastfeed in public, or that it is not a
criminal violation, such as indecent exposure. Hence, in case you are in a state that
Doesn’t have legislation, you still have the right to feed your baby where you
If it’s not prohibited to
breastfeed in public, then why doesn’t it happen? Why, at those rare times when
a brave mother does do it, do individuals become shocked and offended and try to stop
Because the societal mores
of modern Western civilization declare it a taboo. It is an “improper” thing
to do. Exhibiting the breast is at least indecent, maybe obscene.
The truth is, that
belief is obscene, not breastfeeding in public.
Family Skinnydippers as an
organization is fed up with the irrational societal obstacles to breastfeeding
that exist. Those challenges are unhealthy for the kid, for the mom, and for
society in general. Family Skinnydippers is dedicated to changing the approach
in society the female breast is sexual and ought to be hidden.
The female breast is a
nurturing organ. To call it sexual is the act of a perverted mind. We need to
allow moms to nourish their kids in the way nature intended; the manner that
is most healthy for the mother and child, both physically and emotionally; the
way that’s handiest for the mother (since when should feeding one’s
Kids be a difficult act?); and in the manner that may liberate the breast from
the warped mind-set in our society that it is an object of lust for men.
The method to accomplish this
is straightforward: breast feed. Do it whenever, wherever it is needed. In private, in
public. At home, at the shop, at the park, even at church. At family
Parties, at Little League, at the swimming pool. Everywhere.
The law is on the side of