Body Image – Are There Such things As Good Or Bad Parts?

Body Parts and Body Image
Body Image – My friend, Hadassah, has elbows. I’ve always assumed this but only a brief time ago did I see her elbows for the first time to prove that she does have them. It’s funny that we have known each other for 14 years yet it was just lately that I saw her elbows. Why did this occur? Hadassah is of the Orthodox Jewish faith, which orders that her entire body, including elbows and knees, must be covered. I think she joined a more moderate branch of Judaism recently, as her elbows can now be seen. This is a massive change for her- and for me, as I look at her elbows for the very first time.
For Hadassah, exposing her elbows was a breach of modesty, as seen by her faith. Her religious beliefs had more emphasis which body parts are satisfactory to see and demonstrate, possibly, than most people’s beliefs, but how different are they from modern culture, really? While most folks in the USA would concur that having people see your elbows is fine (and you may acquire some funny faces if you suggest otherwise!), how lots of people have that same good part/ bad part response when talking about a girl’s pubic mound/ labia majora? Or a penis? Or ?
Body Image – Are There Such matters As Good Or Poor Components
These body parts are the components which are so holy / private/ obscene/ awful they have many, many names. A member could be a dick and may have a name, the labia majora may be called a crotch, and a woman’s breast might be called a boob. Even the grouping of the parts has a name: our private parts or, as some kids say, our privates. Of course, all of US know numerous other names for all these parts and many parents educate their children to call them some off the wall names. And don’t even get me started on what we call the urine or feces that come out of these parts!
Every one of this begs the question of why specific body parts have numerous names and are “forbidden” while other parts only have one name and get no attention. Think of the poor elbow: it just has one name and definitely no pet names. All kids call is simply “elbow” and everyone understands the name of this body part. Not so with the genitals: they have numerous names, none of which are to be said in polite conversation. I double-dog-dare you to bring up the status of your member next time you’re at your family reunion- I’m presuming this will not go well. Compare this with a discussion of your elbow and you’ll see that there surely is a big difference in how discussion of body parts is received.
What I find even more intriguing is that men’s genitalia are generally correctly tagged- penis, scrotum, and testicles- while women’s genitalia are mistaken, even by adults. We talk about the vagina as the part that’s seen when the clothes come off, but, until you’re the woman’s gynecologist or are very close with her, you’re really not seeing her vagina. This really is a standard misconception. I would like to give you a little anatomy lesson, in the event you didn’t know: the vagina is the duct interior of the woman that leads to the cervix. (You’ll place your Diva Cup in the vagina, for those who have followed Naturist Blog about the Diva Cup.) In case you are at a nudist event, you most probably are seeing the girl’s labia majora, otherwise called the pubic mound. You may also see the labia minora, the inner lips in of the labia majora, if the woman has “protruding labia.” What is sad to me is that so lots of people don’t know this fundamental physiology- and I’m not merely talking about kids here!
All the stupid labels for genitalia and the wrong use of the terms of the woman’s genitals are only a result of the stigma that is attached to these components. So why are these parts “awful”??? In this day and age we can understand this a bit because these are the parts which were wrong for us to talk about and incorrect for us to see or show since childhood. We can understand that and, as naturists, we can take away the penis and labia majora blot by not hiding these parts either with clothes or in our dialog. This really is something which we have to help our society to defeat, though! This may start with first training people on what their parts are, as so a lot of people do not have any notion of what’s what. After that, we have to normalize these parts and take their blot away by treating them with exactly the same esteem as our elbow, which has no stigma. But certainly there is more.
What more can we do? How can you help others to cease seeing their and your genitalia as bad parts that can be neither seen nor heard about?
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