Answer: For girls who are menstruating, Felicity highly advocates the DivaCup menstrual cup. It is discrete, cozy, eco friendly, and safer (and cheaper) than tampons. Other brands of menstrual cups or tampons (cut the cord short) can operate too. At FKK’s indoor celebrations and at clothing-optional places, you can keep your undersides on if you so desire. Also some just-naturist clubs / resorts will enable you to keep your bases on if you are in your period.

Question: Imagine if I don’t appear good enough to bash naked with other young naked people? It is inadequate to merely be young and nude to be able to party read – right?
Reply: Take a minute to ask yourself, who says I do not look good naked? Who determines what “good” means anyway? You look good. All folks are welcome, regardless of look. Naturism isn’t about looking sexy, showing off a “hot” body, or adhering to any ethnic beauty standards. Naturists are regular people of different sizes, shapes, colors and foundations. For FKK, acceptance and not judging others according to look, is a massive part of our philosophy.
Still worried? See: the Best Way To Look Good Naked.
Question: Are trans* individuals welcome too?
Response: Yes. Folks of any gender, gender identity and sexual orientation are welcome!
Question: Do I have to shave my pubic hair?
Response: Shaving or not shaving is a personal selection, and it is totally up to you personally. At our nude occasions, some are hairy, some are hairless and others are somewhere in between. Naturists do not care one way or the other.
Question: I’m embarrassed because my genitals aren’t regular will people laugh at me if attend a nude party?
Reply: To quote the Museum of Sex in NYC: “There is not any one ‘right’ contour for a member or for a vulva-among individuals and through the animal kingdom. Few, if any structures, show more variation in relation to the genitals.” Rest assured, you’re exceptional, standard and wonderful! Self-conscious ladies, check out

Question: There is no FKK chapter or group in my area. How can I meet other naturists in my personal area or naturist bashes?
Reply: Check out our detailed post on this topic – How You Can Meet Naturists and Naturists In Your Place
Bare Party and Naked Parties BY – FKK
FAQ’s for FKK Indoor Naked Parties and Private Unclothed Events
Naked Party Question: I want to party naked!! How do these unclothed parties work?
Reply: First you can subscribe to our newsletter to get email announcements about our upcoming celebrations / events! You can also join our Meetup group.
For most indoor occasions, tickets must be bought in advance online. If the place address is private, then you receive that information after buying a ticket. Particular occasions might involve a pre-enrollment where we will assemble basic info first.
Question: What does the cost of the naked party contain?
Answer: Usually at every naked party, there is: cash bar, snacks, body paints, music, dancing, meeting great folks and more!
Question: Are these naked parties naked required?
Response: More or less, yes. But, if an individual is not quite prepared to be nude in all their glory, then he/she can use a towel or sarong to cover as much as they wish to feel more comfortable. : Sothis isn’t an orgy? Sex party? Swinger party?
Answer: No! Our parties are just like any regular celebration, except that everyone happens to be without clothing, and we’ve got zero tolerance for improper sexual conduct.
Question: At the naked party – Will there be a place to keep my stuff? What about my cell phone / cash / wallet?
Response: We provide a room or area where you are able to change as well as totes to keep your clothing/belongings in. If you’re looking for a way to carry your cash / phone, we now have FKK waterproof string pouches that can be worn around the neck or wrapped around the wrist available at most events for $10. Felicity also suggests a fashionable sequined fanny pack like hers because she’s trying to start a fresh trend. (Note: we cannot be held in charge of any lost or stolen items, so we suggest leaving your laptop or prized gadgets at home.)
Question: What should I bring with me when I attend bare parties?
Reply: Please bring: a towel or sarong to sit on, a valid permit, and enough clothing to get you there!
Question: Is photography or cameras allowed?
Reply: No, just because the existence of cameras makes many people uncomfortable. Only the party organizers or folks from the media (with permission obtained first) can take photos. Snapping pictures of individuals without their knowledge and permission will bring about confiscation of your camera / cellphone to delete photographs, and you will be requested to leave.
Question: I really would like to head to the naked party, but I do not have young naked friendly friends to go with me, and I will not know anyone Clumsy turtles?? Exactly what do do?
Answer: Come nevertheless, we don’t bite! Most of the naturists we know are really friendly, open, non-judgmental people! In addition , we suggest signing up to volunteer with setup for the party an hour or 2 before, so you can meet a few fine people in a less intimidating scenario.