A. No. I was not ashamed. My father had just left for Afghanistan and I did not need to load my family. They’d enough going on without having to worry about me. And I knew my friends back home would disapprove. I simply needed to do my thing and get through school.

A. No. I was not ashamed. ever walk around the house nude?

Q. Once your pornography careerbecame No, never.
Q. Is sex only a physical thing for you or is there an emotional aspect to it as well?
My dad had just left for Afghanistan and I didn’t want to burden my family. They’d enough going on without needing to worry about me. And I knew my buddies back home would disapprove. I simply needed to do my thing and get through school.
A. Absolutely. It simply makes people, how did your friends react?
Q. You mentioned that you lost friend who hasn’t spoken to me since she discovered I do porn. Another of my best friends was supportive at first but soon became extremely condescending, judgmental and distant. It is sad, but ultimately a genuine friend stands by you through anything.
Q. you’re 100% correct when you said that real friends would stick by you. In an odd way, are you happy you found out the truth about them and just how they feel?
Q. What was the most difficult part me upset because I’m an extremely faithful friend and I consistently have stuck by the folks I care about. My pals weren’t perfect people but I never judged them.
A. I’ve lost some of my best lots of buddies since the story broke. Have any surprised you for the better? Have you ever been able to make new friends who are more accepting of you as a man in addition to what you do?
lots of nude beach teen and sex positive people! They are the type of people I want to surround myself by. I will be at a point in my life where I ‘m done hiding; I am out and proud and have no time for fake friends who judge or criticize me.
A. It’s outrageous. Sometimes of the entire encounter?
friends and family as a result of my choice to do pornography. That’s the most painful part of the whole ordeal. I also can’t go to any parties on campus now without being met with glares and whispers.
Q. How does it feel to walk around on campus now that everyone knows about your participation in porn?
Q. Why do you believe people take pictures of me when they think I’m not looking. Mostly, people act like I’m just a standard individual. However, many folks glare at me or stare.
Q. Have you seen a difference between the way your man peers reacted vs your female peers? If you might have then in which manner?
Q. The frat guys at Duke, for the most part, hates me and has viciously slut shamed me. Other guys think its hot. Some girls are jealous or slut -shame me too, which can be surprising.
A. Probably not the girls on campus turned to slut shaming you?
Q. So, if this were to occur is the go-to manner for girls to bully other girls. Being called a slut may be the most hurtful thing a young girl can call another girl. Why? Because we’ve been raised to believe that sex is dirty and poor and belittles you as a person.
A. Yes, I’m positive the reaction at Duke – Why can you believe they hate you?
Q. What was it about your upbringing hate. But the frat culture at college campuses is a haven for slut shaming and rape apology. I attribute the culture and the air of entitlement to women’s bodies, united with the rich nature of Duke students.
A. My family is at a city school, would you believe the reaction would differ? Why? How so?
Q. In your perspective, is would have already been distinct. There are many girls in pornography who go to community colleges but the press hasn’t disturbed them. It truly is the novelty that I go to an “elite” faculty- folks expect me to be an elitist who’d never do something as “low class” as sex work.
A. I believe public nudist videos that caused one to believe that sex is dirty / bad?
Q. Did they / you / siblings staunchly Catholic and traditional, which of course affected their parenting. They sent me to Catholic school, where I was indoctrinated with the belief that sex is a sin and that if your girl has sex before marriage, she actually is filthy and no one would ever need her.
A. simple nudity / the naked body sexual?
from culture to culture; we in the USA undoubtedly assign a cultural value and moral valuation to nudity and modesty.
A. Sometimes; for me it all depends on who it’s with. But the two aren’t necessary for me to have an enjoyable encounter.
Q. What’s your perspective on pornography as it relates to women’s problems and society in general?
A. Porn expresses Pornography expresses fantasies and dreams are essential to our health and well being. Also, I think porn is an excellent juxtaposition to the repressive culture we live in. Pornography winners free expression, free love, and sexuality without apology.
I draw parallels of my plight to the plight of naturists and naturists. In American society, we’ve been socially, religiously and politically programmed to consider that sex is a sinful act and therefore, by extension, the human body and human sexuality is something to be ashamed of.
Politically, free sexual expression is viewed as a danger to the family unit and social order. Moreover, female sexuality is particularly demonized because guys view it as an easy method of female’s gaining power and autonomy.