BtoB: I enjoy those posts also. They’re usually the ones that I feel extremely emotional about on a personal level. I wrote the comment about Kasey Edwards and then panicked since I recognized it was maybe too personal or didn’t fit with my endeavor but after a little while I understood everything I DO is personal when it comes to this and my feelings on that were no different.

Sometimes sharing feelings about things like that is more difficult than sharing a picture though for some reason.
Would you mind sharing the post related to your period?
BtoB: [quoting her blog] “Just like last month, and the month before that and the month before that, and okay, you get it, I’ll stop, I am on my period. Here are some highlights from this unique cycle: I spent a whole day lying in bed with the lights off, I bled through a jumbo tampon in a matter of hours, I got blood all over my bathroom floor once I stepped out of the shower and I cancelled plans with a friend because my insides felt like they’d sprouted a million, tiny knives that were stabbing me.
I made a post before where I mentioned feeling wonderful, strong and powerful during my period. This is still accurate, but my periods have never in my life been easy. They are painful and dirty and I get cramps and headaches and bleed a complete hell of a lot. But in addition they force me to slow down, to pay attention to my body, to let someone take care of me for a day. They remind me that I’m exposed and at exactly the same time, so really strong. They remind me that my body is astonishing and fascinating and able of so many excellent things. They remind me that it is okay to cry, or request help or request an additional hug that day.
Additionally they remind me that people all around me are suffering each day from things that I don’t understand about. Maybe they’re on their period too, or have a migraine, or are fighting a debilitating disorder. Maybe they’ve only lost a loved one, or have a sick child at home. The folks around all of us are dealing with matters that injure them on a regular basis, mentally and physically, but I understand that so often I forget about that, and I think it’s all about me. If I’m alright, they’re fine.
I do not need or empathy, why do they? So when my body reminds me what pain feels like, or what it’s like to spend a day feeling vulnerable and scared, it helps me remember that everyone else has those days too and possibly sometimes they need the additional hug, or a kind word, or a little help, and being reminded of that’s a great thing.”
What is next for you and this project?
BtoB: As far as what comes next, I honestly have no idea. It began as only a simple, funny project and evolved into this odd and exciting platform from which I can talk about my body and hopefully help people outside. Ideally, I’d like to break away from the Tumblr platform and direct more people to a site instead. I feel like Tumblr is kind of insular and has a truly limited demographic, and I’d like to stand beyond that and let more people see what I am doing and find out about it who do not always have Tumblr reports. I started a website with no idea what to put on it and somehow that’s evolved into a mixture of Tumblr posts and also some extra information, posts, etc.

Occasionally I think to myself, I should just quit. I’ve done enough. This is it.I have nothing left to say. And I don’t post anything for a few days, and then all of the sudden i realize I ‘ve another thing to say and I write about it and people respond to it and it rekindles that want to keep doing it.
Ultimately, I have no idea. I wanted to stop at day 50, then again at day 75 and then again at day 100. And somehow pornbeach keep going. But never once have I actually known where I am going with it, it just occurs and I keep ending up wherever it takes me!
Sometimes, it is best to let things develop on their own and see where they take you. I understand I recognize what you have to say and to consider it’s a dialogue that is needed out there.
I feel like we’ve only touched the surface here, there are actually so many matters that we could discuss! Maybe we’ll reconnect in the future for part two. As you know, many of the listeners on this podcast are either naturists, or are interested in trying social nudity out, frequently to conquer their own anxieties and body issues.Do you’ve any thoughts for either?
BtoB:Definitely! I’d be happy to come back for a part two some day. Frankly, I think my advice to those people would be to only do it! What have you got to lose? I’d say that 99 percent of the time, we’re our worst critic and that thing (whatever it is, weight, hair, whatever) that’s so tremendous to us is really not a big deal to lots of others. I believe that everybody should learn to be comfortable nude by themselves and in front of strangers.