Nudity Laws Challenged By Drive-Thru Naturist

Nudity Laws Challenged By Brian Coldin
Nudity laws – Notorious Canadian Brian Coldin has recently gone to trial for his two charges of public indecency from 2008 and 2009. Coldin is a naturist who owns a resort in Ontario, Canada, called High Falls Chalet Inn. In one episode he went through a fast-food drive-through with two other guys, all of them unclothed. They went up to the window to pay, all sitting nude in the auto, and then pretended to look for their wallets in their own nonexistent pockets. The workers who saw them were described as troubled and troubled. In another episode he was nude in a park and disturbed some people there as he strolled about. of his public nudity testified against him in his trial. But during trial his lawyer Clayton Ruby, “suggested no real harm came to them [the witnesses], as they didn’t seek counselling.”
Brian Coldin in the middle
In facing these charges, Coldin is fighting for his right to be naked and claiming Canada’s laws as unconstitutional, excessively broad, and confusing. Canada’s laws prohibit nudity when it “violate(s) against public decency or order,” without defining indecent. In addition Coldin is arguing that “the laws break the charter because they restrict a [naturist’s] right to young girls nudists try on different outfits at home .”
It’s an interesting story of naturist activism, and I have to confess the drivethrough incident is a little funny. So Coldin demonstrates what happens when you decide to ignore the laws on public nudity. But does he have a good argument? Should the laws be altered to ensure naturists have the right to “freedom of expression”? You can find already other provisions against flashing and sexual behaviour in public. And- Will this turn out to have been an aggressive, but effective method of changing laws that often criminalize the idea of naturism? The whole case is not yet concluded, but it is going to be fascinating to see what happens! For some posts about Coldin’s charges and trial, see:
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