The Vagina Cafe Concert in Poland

The Vagina Cafe Review:
Freedom Plaza is one of three market squares in the town of Bielsko Biala. It really is the first seen when heading west from the main thorough-fare along November 11th Street, which celebrates not only the end of World War I, but the birth of Polish autonomy after 125 years of foreign occupation. It’s the ideal spot for a cafe called Vagina.
Darek drove me to Freedom Plaza. We were heading to Gosia’s other company. As we approached the conventional outside umbrellas branded with the name of Lech beer everything looked common. I passed a group of bicycles for rent. I discovered one of them sported a rainbow colored cannabis leaf on its framework. A light post was tightly wound in a multi colored spider’s web of yarn.
Vagina Cafe Poland
There were mannequins in front of the doorway which led down a hallway littered with more mannequins wearing crochet vests and dresses. The hallway opened on a narrow courtyard. An umbrella made from yarn hung upside-down on a wire. A girl with dreads in her hair sat with a pair of men underneath an umbrella. Upon closer inspection the dreadlocks also were made of the exact same multicolored yarn. A sign on the wall read, Babukatorium. A meeting with Hungarian culture.
The woman with the dreadlocks was Babuka. She was a crochet artist. She was looking for her hook. A pair of local women had taken it. They kept coming around her to feel her anxieties. I never want a pillow, described Babuka to me afterwards. I always carry one with me. She let me rest my head against them. I ‘d to confess it was comfy. The women made her promise to make some for them.
Musicians showed up. A band was scheduled to perform outside in the square. Their gear had been stashed in a toilet adjoining the courtyard. Certainly one of dutch nudist saw me with my camera. He inquired if I might manage to photograph the concert. Their own photographer was lost. Naturally I agreed.
The MCS Blues Band played more than one encore. Babuka danced in the square with the children. It was unfortunate that the considerable bunch didn’t form until towards the end. A competitive concert had been taking place nearby. When the Blues Band was done a crowd formed at the Vagina Cafe.
The atmosphere was joyful. Sadly a party was planned that same night at the unclothed sauna. Darek was meant to DJ. He left the concert early but came back soon saying that only two couples had showed up. He attributed the weather. It was turning into a cold night.
At some point that evening among the kids gave me a hat that had been made from an extended balloon. The main bit was bent into a circle and the rest jutted straight out. I tactfully arranged the hat so the little that jutted out faced backwards. Somebody had the brilliant idea to turn it around. Gosia laughed. It reminded her of a chuj, a dirty Polish word for part of the male human body.
In the circumstances it appeared suitable.
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