of awareness, which

helped naturists all over
the U.S., and most likely
Disperse much beyond that.
He encouraged me to get
involved with San Onofre
and was there with
advice, encouragement
and help when I desired
it. He convinced me that
one individual could make
a difference!
Marianna Handler,
The “Beachmom” of San

rights groups like the Topfree Equality
Rights Association, led by Canada’s Paul
Rapoport,20 and has financed challenges in

Johanna, Lee, and previous AANR president
Leonita Moore.

associated with TNS skirt the edges of this
admittedly vague request, but TNS continues to do what it can to encourage inclusive
yet healthy naturist environments.

I ‘m saddened by the news
of Lee’s passing. I remember at

one of my first naturist parties, he walked up to me and
said “Welcome Mitzi.” This was
before I was a NACAR and I had
no idea he even knew my
name. He was always personable like that. He was not fearful
to attempt new thought for nudism and
it was he that began making
naturists assemblies enjoyment, not merely a
Group of assemblies. I believe he
was the first to have a magazine
of naturist beaches and resorts
(The World Guide.) I am happy that
I got to understand he and Johanna
while he still possessed TNS.

Three other propensities differentiate
TNS from other naturist organizations.
The philosophy of TNS, if not of every
one of its individual members, ardently
and freely supports the development
of women’s rights; the preservation of the
natural ecosystem; and the progress
of the artwork.

Since the 1980s, TNS has published
nearly 30 features on topfree equality in CWS and N. The Naturist Action
Committee has worked with Topfree

court to give women the same right as men
to bare their chests in public. Perhaps the
most spectacular example was TNS’ engagement with url , a
group who successfully challenged a discriminatory law in Fresh York State to gain
topfreedom for girls there in 1992.21

In the mid-1980s, Michelle Handler
and another activist women in TNS
Started to attack what they considered to be
sexist word pictures of girls in magazines.
Pointing to the disproportionate coverage
of girls in CWS, Handler asserted that
TNS and other naturist/naturist organizations needed to present more males in their
periodicals and ads. Moreover,
the critics charged, they needed to show a
greater array of body shapes, sizes, and colours. Handler’s message was worth careful
Thought. TNS has wanted all along
to support women in nudism, but now

saw that it could be done, and perhaps
should be done, in a slightly different manner.
Over the course of the next two or three
years, CWS, and then N, would present a
Substantially more complete image of the naturist people.

Today N demonstrates naturists in all their
assorted shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. As
America has gained weight, so also have the
people in N. As naturists have aged, so overly
have those depicted in its premier journal.
No naturist organization and no naturist
magazine can claim to more correctly display the attractiveness and vitality, in addition to the
warts and scars, of naturism as TNS and N

Appearing from the ecologically aware
youth of the 1970s, TNS continues its
emphasis on our natural link to the
biosphere. Seashore and hot spring support
groups in the Naturist Network commonly host
clean-up days, assisting the local management service in caring for the site. This
not only helps to cultivate good relationships


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Spring 2009 | 47

Lee Baxandall was ardent about
life! He never undertook anything which
he wouldn’t commit to wholeheartedly.
When he was a young man he was not just
a Boy Scout, he was an Eagle Scout. While
some successful young men met their
town’s mayor, Lee met the President.

Lee didn’t simply speak German;
He’d interpret the works of one of
Germany’s great writers into http://voy-zone.com/first-time-nudist-stories/teen-nudism.html . He
Did not only write for a newspaper, he wrote
for the New York Times and founded his
own publication.

When he retired he did not set up
a pension plan for his staff, he turned the
company over to them. When Lee was
committed to something he would let
nothing get in the way of his target.

When he was presented to naturism he realized he simply had to share the
life affirming delight of being clothes-free and helping
to introduce others to the enjoyment of nude recreation.