– “And you call your page Evolvefest?? What a farse. Gender identity (look it up) isn’t a mental illness. People’s gender identity (which they’re BORN with) does not always match their biological gender (which they are also born with). There’s every combination of biological gender, gender identity, and along with that, sexual preference, under the sun (which each of us are born with) it isn’t a choice nor can it be a mental issue. It is the kalideoscope of nature. Unlike.”

Those in arrangement with Bryson were few and far between, but here are two of those comments:
– “Brave to discuss, Evolvefest. Homosexuality, transgender etc These are perversions of the laws of nature and a degradation to the dignity of the human being.”
– “We have traveled thus far off rough and people shove their perverse feelings off on the remaining world to make their lifestyles okay..they know its wrong.. Looks to me that it would be more economical to see a Doctor to learn WHY they are feeling the way they do than to alter their bodies the way God made them. Our food is laden with chemicals, something is genetically incorrect..”
On family nudists pictures , Bryson made a place to defend Evolvefest against people who accused him of being “anti-semetic and homophobic, among other things.” He talks about some of their recent conspiracy-driven posts and repeatedly says they support freedom of speech and religious expression. He states they consider that everyone has a right to life, liberty and http://x-pot.com of happiness. He then says that all are welcome to Evolvefest regardless of gender identity. And then comes an apology:
I want to extend a personal apology to anyone or any groups which have been hurt by any recent posts on the Evolvefest page. For the sake of peace and unity, we’ll be going back to delete the posts which were labeled by individuals as bad and going forward we will be refraining from commenting on specific contentious issues on a community page, which clearly requires more divergent views and views than those of the admins. We’ll be posting more content in the future that will help towards establishing greater harmony and concord in a community which is committing to growing in love, forgiveness and approval.
As if the transgender thing was not controversial enough, the other weird recent posts have been about “transhumanism,” pedophilia, homosexuality and Zionist conspiracy theories. Here’s an excerpt of one post: “The next move of the Radical Homosexual Mainstream Media Zionist-run Plan is to normalize’ Pedophilia – now that anyone who dissents from agreeing with the kosherness’ of Homosexuality is immediately crucified.” It’s possible for you to read more in this article.
Has Bryson lost his marbles? I simply don’t even know what to make of that. In the apology post, nothing is said about the Bruce Jenner post or about transgender people particularly. The transphobic rant continues to be on their page, despite some Facebook users reporting it to FB as hate speech.
These gender opinions are as left-field as they’d be for any regular music festival. The depressing thing is they’re using their enormous platform to distribute ignorance, hate and fear because they have concluded that their “Creator” does not approve.
They have essentially said, We do not know you, transgender individual but we’re going to call you mentally ill. Oh but by the way, if you pay the entry fee then you can nevertheless come to our events!’ You call that love and recognition?
As a fact, being transgender isn’t a mental illness, as determined by decades of research. That is a common, but hurtful and damaging misconception. A transgender man is one whose gender doesn’t match their sex. This would be like someone who’s born with female sex characteristics, so they are labeled a “girl” at birth, but later realize they identify as a lad. (Many will begin to express another gender at a really young age and by or before adolescence they’ll realize their gender does not match their body.)
Not identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth is now known as “gender dysphoria.”

Though transgender people are more understood and accepted now than they’ve ever been, they still face a lot of hate, bullying, and discrimination. It is disturbing to see an organization purportedly all about love, kindness and respectfulness lead to the hate. This can be what they claim to be around on their site: