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Nudie Lee Tackles the question of how to get non naturist friends to strive Naturism:
Q.Dear Nudie Lee, How can we get our non naturist buddies to join us at a naturist resort or at least to attempt naturism without freaking them out?
A. Where are we going? Supposing are in on the whole naturist matter you’ve got going on, the best option is picking a clothes-optional resort. It will give them the option to participate in all actions in the relaxation of their digs, and it will allow you to walk around in your birthday suit.
In theory, this would work if your buddies were open to seeing you and interacting with you while you are in the nude. There is absolutely to ease a friend into seeing you nude and in all your glory, so selected your traveling pals sensibly. You really do not want to alienate your dearest friends.
Nudie Lee Talks About Getting non naturist Buddies To Attempt Nudism
In case your companies will willingly spice it up and join you, I’d suggest you stay away from cruises. You desire to give them as much space as possible in the event that they end up not being as comfortable with the reality of a clothing optional resort.
Always remember that most people were taught to be ashamed of their naked bodies and that nudity equals sex. Your friends love you for who you are, nudist or not. If they’re uncomfortable with the notion, respect that. If you absolutely need to travel with them, you might need to pack a bathing suit and join them at the resort of their choice!
In any case, simply follow the sun, conquers the winter blues.
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