But this still leaves many questions unanswered. The largest one of those questions being why. This really is where all the gossips come into play.

A listing of the most mentioned, speculated and gossiped about reasons that I had come across were:
– Bill was advocating to contain swinger lifestyle clubs into the AANR naturist club network.
– Bill was handling his staff severely, working them long past their normal work hours and not willing to pay overtime.
– Bill had abused AANR funds and racked-up unexplainable expenditures.

– Bill had determined on his own to remove AANR’s lawyer and get a fresh one.
– Bill was pushing AANR to restructure the organization based on the Carver model that will be used by many other non-profit corporations.
– Bill was trying to avoid the chain of command so that you can push through his own private agenda.
I inquired Bill point blank about these dilemmas.
Rumor #1: The AANR Rating System
Bill explained that he was working on a rating system much like the one that was put in place by the Motion Picture Association of America. His concept was to permit specific clubs that are NOW part of AANR to retain their AANR charter under this new rating system. The rating system would have addressed the fact some existing AANR clubs were running outside the stringent guidelines of the AANR system and complaints were being directed to him at the AANR office.
Some nightclubs believed they had to engage in more mature subject activities on Saturday nights to pull an audience. http://nudists-young.org/contri/she-booked-a-room-on-the-all-nude-side-of-the-resort/ said that he never meant it to go beyond that and never urged to comprise new sexually-oriented swinger clubs.
As we were talking, Bill noted an essential fact. The term “adult activities” is somewhat ambiguous. So he explained that years past, there were clubs that didn’t allow couples to dance together in the nude as that was considered overly sexual / “adult.”
Now, most nightclubs host dances. While most people would concur that dancing with a loved one is not a problem, some clubs don’t even agree on that. Bill considered a rating system would permit some flexibility within the AANR system so “one size didn’t need to fit all.”
So what kinds of tasks would be sanctioned by this new rating system? He clarified that many would agree that “leather and lace” parties can, & most commonly do, have a sexual or adult connotation.
Under the new rating, the nightclubs that throw those kind of parties or that sell / let the consumption of booze would fall under some form of higher rating categorization (as in – rated “R” vs “PG13”).
He went to stress the fact that all he was doing was putting recommendations together for the board to contemplate. He made a point to say, on numerous occasions during our discussion, that he did not have the power nor desire to drive any of his recommendations on AANR without the Board’s approval first.
Bill says that he was given no direction. So he was doing what he thought and felt needed to be done. He says he kept all the executives and staff informed about his day-to-day jobs and never went behind anyone’s back or attempted to surpass the powers given to him by the AANR board. He was never in violation of his employment contract.
He was never cautioned that he may not be spending his time efficiently and he was never told that what he was doing was incorrect.
Additionally, his rating recommendation was presented, in its entirety, during the annual AANR meeting in August. While I wasn’t present at the meetings, I did get emails from AANR individuals shortly after the annual meeting and all the comments I heard was favorable.
So, based on all the digging around, I’m pretty certain that on your own level, I can strike that item off the list of why AANR terminated his contract.
Gossip #2: Dilemmas with the AANR staff
For those that mightn’t take note, AANR has employees which are paid. Some are on an hourly basis while others receive a annual salary. Bill clarified that he never told nor demanded anyone to work overtime. He would discuss with the staff whether they were willing to put in overtime or not. It was mainly cigarette beach babes .
No one was forced to place in overtime on a consistent basis and particularly not for free. There was also a rumor which he was compelling employees to become exempt workers (as in not qualified for overtime pay). Again, Bill explained, that was an incorrect portrayal of what occurred.
There were some workers who were managers or directors who legitimately are “exempt” from being paid overtime (due for their employment contract and salary arrangement). In his capacity as the ED, he was clarifying and communicating the correct rules with selected members of the staff.
He went on to say that he enjoyed working with the staff and was fairly sure the feeling was reciprocal. When he was fired, most expressed shock and depression. One of the folks he worked with even reached out to him recently to express the fact that he is missed.