A Day Spent at Cala Estreta – Nude Beach in Spain

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Spain Nude Beach
Spain Nude Beach – Our cruise ship docked in Palamos, Spain, for a day. I asked the local tourist representative about “playas nudistas.” She wrote “Cala Estreta” with an arrow on a map, said the beach was not on the map, and I was off.
Beginning on bike in Palamos, it was about a five mile ride to a parking area. Locked the bike to a fence and began walking the path. Rocky in places, uphill and downhill. Every so often a hint would tell me how many more minutes of walking I could anticipate to Cala Estreta – Catalan for “Close or Narrow” Cove.
Passed by several beaches on Spain’s Costa Brava. All were http://wnude.com/firsttime . As I continued east, I discovered an occasional naked person.
Spain nude beach – Picture hint of Cala Estreta
Then after about two miles on the trail I crested a small rise and it appeared before me. A nude guy was walking in front of me in exactly the same direction I was going. I had arrived.
There were about 40 of us, courteously spaced on the small, sandy strand. Families, individual girls, person men, pairs of guys were all relaxing and creating the most peaceful, restful experience I’ve ever loved in public.
I disrobed and felt absolutely at home and at ease. The water was clear and nice – about 75 degrees fahrenheit. A few of public nudist glided around the mild waters of the cove.
View of the water at Cala Estreta – Spain nude beach
The warm sunshine, beneficent neighbors, and refreshing water all made for one of the happiest afternoons of my life.
There may be an easier path to Cala Estreta, but the seven miles or so it took to get there were well worth it.
From what I saw in Spain, all beaches are top-free / Topless. Cala Estreta and Mar Bella in Barcelona were the only two I seen which were clothing optional.
Spaniards know how to live well.
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