Ventures in the Holy Land And Our Quest To Locate A Naked Beach In Israel

Uncovering a Naked Beach in Israel:
We, Jordan and I, were in Israel for a little over a week at the conclusion of May. Hence a short time frame where you may have noticed we were quiet and lost on Memorial Day. Anyway I thought I’d share a few pictures and touches of our excursion with you all! The main reason for the excursion was a wedding (for Jordan’s cousin), but we extended the stay for traveling and sightseeing.
Despite its violent Arab neighbors and occasional flying rocket (don’t worry, you have to be really unlucky to get hit by one), Israel is actually a fantastic country to visit, filled with amazing historical sites and natural beauty of desert, sea and also lots of green trees and woods.
The Bedouin man who set this on my head offered to buy me for 150 camels and 2 horses. Fortunately I am worth many more than that.
The Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, was one of my favorite encounters. But I am sad to report we did not find a naked beach! We went to Kalia sand to the Neve Midbar entry, which would supposedly lead to the unclothed section, but it looks like it went textile. We spoke to the man at the entry to investigate, but this is how the conversation went:
Us: “Is there a sand here where you do not have to wear a swimsuit?”
Guy: “No, you need to pay entry to come in.”

Us: “Yes we know that, but is there a nude or naked plage?”
Man: “Do you need to sleep here?”
Us: “No. Is there a plage where you can be nude, no clothes!”
Guy: “Noooooo”
Dominating the Dead Sea
So that was that. We did not have much time that day so we went out to a distinct section to get boggy and swim. Er, spy beach and float really. The water is so salty it holds you up. Sadly the Dead Sea is evaporating at a rate of 3 perpendicular feet per year, which is why Spencer Tunik did a enormous (well, his shoots are always enormous) unclothed jpg shoot there with 1,200 individuals in September 2011, to raise awareness. I don’t think it raised the number of bare beaches, however. We were stuck in bathing suits there, in addition to at the Sea of Galilee. There’s supposedly an unofficial bare beach in Gaash (Kibbutz Ga’ash) on the Mediterranean shore, but we didn’t have time to see that one.
Israel’s climate is very conducive to nudism and going naked, but unfortunately has few designated public places to achieve this. Nevertheless, we did learn of an intriguing unclothed festival in the Desert Ashram called the Pashut Festival. The verb Pashut means “to take off.” This yearly event is made up of workshops, body painting, meditation, celebrations, and celebrates loving yourself and your own body. We couldn’t attend, but to one year, as it seems like quite an experience.
To compensate for my lack of naked beach narratives, I Will share several other photos and fun facts. We also seen a huge ruins site of a Roman city called Beit She’an. Walking through it you can still see the amphitheater, broad Roman streets, bathrooms and sauna, decorated columns, and beautiful mosaics. A serious earthquake put the city in ruins in 749 C.E., and it’s unbelievable how certain things haven’t moved since then, like the collapsed columns. The bathrooms were funny. Below is a photograph of the public toilets, where people used to go to the bathroom right next to each other. No walls, merely water flowing underneath to carry the waste away. There was also no evidence of separate areas for men and women – everybody together!
Beit She’an Ruins
Toilets in Beit She’an
Ruins that show the heating system below the floors of the saunas.