Bodies and Souls: The Century Project by Frank Cordelle

Bodies and Souls By Frank Cordelle
Bodies and Souls – The Century Project by Frank Cordelle – Age and other variables that alter the body can feel like a benefit to many people, but, more often than not, for many it feels like a curse. Puberty is a frightening prospect together with physical blemishes, and the thought of reaching old age.
Though such fears change both genders, girls and women appear to be the prime recipients of these stresses. It requires a special individual to help ease the potential insecurities that females feel.
Enter photographer Frank Cordelle, who has received praise and recognition for his bold photographs of females of all ages. What’s actually given his work focus isn’t that it’s girls of all ages, from birth to old age, but that they’ve been taken in the nude. But these are not super models.
These are girls with blemishes and impairments, from the very young to the very old and wrinkled. Some are and some are skinny. And a substantial body of his work continues to be comprised in a book entitled Bodies and Souls: The Century Project.
Bodies and Souls is a most stunning piece of work, full of girls from all walks of life. starts out, just as it states, with a birth. We then proceed to kids, to teens, to young adults, to middle age, reasoned by a ninety-four year old lady. While some girls would fit into society’s definition of appealing, there are a lot who doesn’t. Some are lost breasts, some have scars, some are fat and aside from the physical features, some have emotional baggage by which they’re weeping in the photographs (This process, it ends up, helps them fix).

A number of these young girls and women also have written their testimonies in the book, stating how such a job has been advantageous and helpful for their emotional wellbeing. Some of the stories are amusing and lighthearted, others heartbreaking, but all of them express a profound sense of gratitude to Cordelle for letting them be a part of this endeavor.
2006 by Frank Cordelle Mary-Age 94
Lots of people have been taken aback and surprised to see such candid photographs of real women. Some have a hard time handling it. How frequently is it that society is requested to accept the body of an overweight girl who are naked no less, or of a naked woman in a wheelchair?
Stripping away the clothing really does help the viewer to see and accept them as actual individuals.
Hence, the nudity in this book, far from being degrading or a cheap gimmick, helps the viewer to see women and girls as they truly are, as living breathing beings, worthy of reverence and admiration. I’ve frequently been disgusted with the way women are treated in society. Derogatory comments, porn, and other unhealthy ways we treat girls will not be good for their self esteem, nor could it be good for society. It’s imperative to remember that they are our mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.
Bodies and Souls does much to help sweep away unhealthy perspectives that men have of women and that women have of their bodies. By stripping these girls with blemishes, nude and bare, the photographer continues to be able to help us identify with them more, along with the models identifying together.
Naturists, who are commonly advocates in the doctrine of “everybody is lovely,” will find much to understand concerning this fine work of art as it bolstered their already aforementioned confidences. Every naturist should have a copy of the publication in her or his private library.
Cordelle has given the world a wonderful gift with this book packed with hope and understanding. I can only just hope that more people will peruse its pages, reading the lovely messages of hope from females of all ages and all walks of life.
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