There is nothing like the sense of the clean atmosphere and heat of the sun on the nakedbody. None of us are uncomfortable while unclothed in the least. There’s nothing sexualabout being anaturistand there isn’t anything sexual or obscene about straightforward family nudity as well.

We just love being bare and consider that there is nothing wrong with being in our natural state as we go about our daily lives.
From day one, both my husband and I grew up with in naturist families. We used to collect for unique naturist functions so from a young age, we became accustomed to seeing each other’s naked bodies.
Denial of the body will not be an issue in our family. There was no sense of taboo with regards to being nude, nor was there a feeling that something should have beenhidden.
As we grew older, my loving husband and I grew closer and as time went on, we became a couple. As such, we were prepared to investigate each other in a other responsible manners too.
One day, they’ll grow up and find partners of their own. As our children mature, we want to teach them the same worth and trust they will learn to be responsible and caring adults.

We can only hope that they will find others that will accept their bodies and will live in complete approval of these natural state if that’s what they want.
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Is Naturism is Good for Children and TheTruth Behind Nudity in the Family:
Benjamin Spock, Ann Landers, and Abigail van Buren, all popular experts on child-rearing and other issues, have often warned of the risks of exposing kids to nudity. Though their theories on the matter are well-known, are they actually valid? Can there be to demonstrate it? Studies of how nudity influences children are actually sparse, though they will have marginally increased in number in recent years.
The findings and their interpretations are often affected by research workers’ own preconceptions, including that may better describe the effects of parents’ attitudes toward nudity on youngsters rather than the real effect of children being exposed to nudity.
Nonetheless since the late 1970’s, more objective and controlled research has taken place in an effort to identify the truth of how exposure to nudity changes child development. All of this research indicates not only a dearth of negative effects, but a whole list of benefits to kids.
Nudist Kids and Finding Out If Nudism is Great For Children
One of the first truly objective studies was developed by Dr. Marilyn Story, a researcher who sought to analyze the role of family social nudity categorization on body self-concept development in preschool-aged kids. Dr. Story interviewed 264 children aged three to five years as well as their parents. The youngsters were classified in one of three categories: societal naturistsor only put – nudist kids, at-home nudist, and non- nudistkids.
Each child was interviewed independently as they were asked about their body parts, namely whether they enjoy each of the 16 body parts discussed. Within this study, a correlation was identified between sex and which body parts were most desirable.
The study also found that non- naturist children usually identified their genitals as their least-liked body parts. Adversely, nudist kids ( which essentially means – children from nudist house holds ) identified their genitals as their most-liked body parts and identified no parts of their body they liked the least. Within this study, naturism / naturism was found to be a more important variable than gender, race, and geographical area in terms of having a positive self-concept, body acceptance, and self-image.
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Another important study was conducted by Ron and Juliette Goldman in 1981 to analyze children’s awareness of clothes and nakedness in regard to modesty in : North America, England, Australia, and Sweden. Within this study, children aged five to fifteen were analyzed, and research centered on children’s perceptions of the requirement for clothes in different conditions together with the reason given for the need for clothing.
Although the study was intended to determine which societies were most insistent on wearing clothes with the aim of modesty, this study discovered that children’s awareness of nakedness was strongly tinged with guilt. As they aged they adapted more to their parents’ modesty training, therefore causing kids’s guilt about nakedness to improve with age. Such guilt was found in kids who didn’t understand, accept, or revel their body and its sex organs as natural and ordinary.