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Greetings FKK! It is difficult to express the sense of delight, privilege, and duty we feel about becoming part of the FKK community and its wonderful eyesight. So, for now I’ll share the story of how we came to be involved in naturism and FKK.
Nude Independence and Embracing Naturism:
Bare independence – Let’s begin with a tiny parable about elephant stakes. As the parable goes, when elephants in captivity are young, they are kept in place by a trainer who uses a wooden stake pounded into the ground, to which the elephant is tied. When the elephant is a infant the stake is powerful enough to bind him. The pattern is never broken. Naturally, over time the elephant grows to full stature and power. Surprisingly, the full grown elephant remains jump with exactly the same stake used since it was a infant. All the full grown elephant would have to do is walk from the wooden stake and snap it off. Why does not the elephant do it? Because, it is not the body which is bound, it is the head.
Until recently our heads were bound with respect to entirely accepting ourselves and others. The thought of naturism as an expression of acceptance never occurred to us. Running around naked? Heaven forbid! Our families, society and the Church have instructed us poorly regarding body worth, modesty, and shame. Regrettably, most of churchianity is misguided with respect to God’s most wonderful creation the body. Somehow, from Eden, they were naked and unashamed, and naked baptisms of the early church, nearly all modern Christendom could not have grown more wimpy and stodgy when it comes to experiencing the naked human body.
Naked freedom
So when did things start to change for us? Well it began in Germany Susanne is a native German by the way. There I first saw nudity; at the strand, on billboards, and on prime time T.V. This made for occasional dynamic discussions between Susanne and I, or with buddies. Seeing nudity so openly made me interested and I ‘d often be the one to raise the matter. Susanne was rather ambivalent about nudity she’d sometimes practiced it on the sand, or as mixed gender showering with her volleyball club. Yet, our light interest in nudity gave way to churchy taboos as we became more involved in church. Susanne thought about her few unclothed http://nudist-video.net/young-nudist/nubile-nudism.php as a thing of the past, and eventually I quit talking about it as well.>
Years later, after moving to the States, we confronted our elephant stakes again. This time it was more serious than discussions about European nudity. There were growing stresses in our union and business. I was becoming a depressed and angry person. At precisely the same time we started recognizing Susanne had some pretty serious body image issues originating from puberty. This was the ideal storm when it comes to washing out romance. I was forced to rethink my business precedence. I had forgotten life is not ultimately about business, or things, or cash, or success. It’s really about people, about loving them. Without this love, my life was becoming intolerable, and I was becoming intolerable even to my family. Susanne on the other hand, had to face the negative body images from her adolescence that were critically hindering our physical relationship, and causing me a huge number of discouragement as well as the company tension I was under.
In the midst of the emotional cauldron we were in, I started to have this odd internal desire to get naked to only let go, be free, to be tolerating and accepted. Susanne failed to share this, and I cannot explain it. I was convinced it came in the dark side and I resisted it for quite a long time. I did not understand it was actually about elephant stakes. Paradoxically, I’d seek out secluded streams and ponds, expecting to take a naked plunge – but I couldn’t overwhelm my elephant stakes. I could not get nude, especially if other people were around! My conscience wouldn’t normally let me, regardless how much the discouragement and anger built up within me.
Ultimately, after several of the worst company weeks in my life the simplest things only seemed to be falling apart – I could bear it no longer. Like an unexpected benefit, when I arrived there was actually a middle age couple swimming naked and free! I ‘d never seen anyone skinny dipping there before. That has been the encouragement I needed. The internal tumult boiled over, I peeled off my clothing dropping years of tension, frustration, anger, and depression. I plunged in the water, and indeed I had been baptized anew. My heart and nature compelled me to take that plunge, even though my head was still convinced that it was against my faith. In hindsight, I really believe the Lord pushed me to http://nudism.name/nudist-video/blog-nudist-xxx.php , that pond, those fellow skinny dippers. I don’t wish to think of where I ‘d be now had that not happened.
After taking the plunge I told Susanne every detail about my experience, and I asked her to discuss it with me I knew the experience would not be complete without the love of my life enjoying it with me. Truly I CAn’t imagine continuing in it without her. I might have nothing coming between us, even this liberation. After a lot of very patient discussion, and seeing major changes in me, she eventually agreed to give it a try. We went to secluded locations, first alone, then with other naturists present. Her fears gave way to the sheer enjoyment of the encounters, and now the rest is history, as they say.
Because we now recognize that it is biblically sound and spiritually up-building, the experience is even more joyous. We are growing closer to each other, to God and to our fellow man. Since taking the plunge Susanne and I’ve worked through many body dilemmas and our relationship has grown. Furthermore, the negative approaches developed through once misguided business priorities, have melted away and I will be able to enjoy life again free of rage, frustration, and depression.
After all of these wonderful experiences, we’re just excited to give back by becoming part of FKK to be able to help young people eliminate their elephant positions and learn to accept themselves, and others. Jesus said, the best command is love God with all your heart, and the second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself.
Hey everyone, it actually is about the love, and Felicity and Jordan, thanks for your own vision and dedication!
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We’re Steve and Susanne, leaders of the FKK Upstate New York Chapter. We appreciate the freedom, rest, and healing power of naturism, and are interested in sharing our experiences with others.

Gang members were recorded as accounting for 6% of crimes from the ending of the 1990s to the early 2000s. The numbers translate to over 350,000 of the over 6 million offenses reported. The amount of gang related crimes has dropped over the last decade. 1994 demonstrated an all-time high of 5.2 per every 1,000 men or 1.1 million. In 2003, the numbers were 1.4 victims per 1,000 persons or 341,000 victims.

*Although sufferers reported crime as being gang-related, over 50% of the time this wasn’t true after investigation.
If you see something, say something!
The most troubling of all these stats is the fact that folks are filing less complaints. You should not be ashamed – you are the casualty.
No one will think less of you! If on the off chance that someone says or acts in a non supportive way you should cut them out of your life. People like that – HATERS – are not worthy of your time! You’re so worth more than that!
Here are phone numbers which you can telephone – click ‘re Not Alone! And you do not have to give your name:
1-800-656-HOPE (4673) –
1 800 621 4000 – National Runaway Safeline
1-866-331-9474 – loveisrespect, National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
1-800-230-PLAN (7526) – Planned Parenthood
1-800-799-SAFE (7233) –
1-800-422-4453 – National Child Abuse Hotline
1-800-931-2237 – National Association For Eating Disorders
1-800-662-HELP – National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism
1-866-SPEAK-UP (773 2587) – SPEAK UP
1 800 843 5678 – Cyber Bullying Tipline
1-800-273-TALK (8255) – National Mental Health Association Hotline
1-800-246-PRIDE (7743) – GLBT National Youth Talkline
This post about teenage suicide and date rape in the USA was publiched by – Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
Offense In America (dot net)
National Gang Center
Rainn (dot Org)
Rape Crisis Online
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and cofounder of Naturist Portal.An Interview with Laura Dodsworth, Originator of ‘Naked Reality’
I first came across Laura Dodsworth’s project through a friend, back when she was still looking for women to share their stories for a brand new effort. The storylines were to be specially all about breasts – do you love them, hate them, why, etc. I was immediately intrigued and definitely wanted to see how things advanced.
After two years of dedicated work, Laura has created a touching, insightful novel of 100 photos and interviews with women about their breasts. I think we definitely need projects like this right now. Women’s bodies have for ages been viewed as a commodity, as decorations, playthings and as sexual objects used to catch the male gaze and attention. In regard to breasts, their primary function (breastfeeding) is typically ignored by society and their portrayal is largely geared towards guys.
Naked Reality presents the voices and narratives that have largely been absent from mainstream media and popular culture. Her book is http://mon-blog-gay.net/index.php/2016/03/28/i-love-being-a-nudist/ in which women have taken control of the conversation surrounding their bodies.
Laura also made a grand attempt to comprise an extremely diverse cast of girls. She incorporated girls of different ages (19 – 101), backgrounds, races and body types. The narratives are quite fascinating and honest. They not only talk about breasts, but about many different facets of womanhood.
I hope all my readers will consider buying this novel through her Kickstarter campaign.
Copyright Laura Dodsworth.
Now it’s time to hear from Laura!
How did you appear with the idea of the Bare Reality project? Were you thinking about it for several years or did you suddenly get inspired?

Ex ClothesFree.com Nudist Avi Producer: Felicity Jones, Corky only advised me that a brand new edit is being made to contain more guys to the clip rather than merely focus on girls. Letting everyone know. He is removing the girl-girl kiss which got complaints and a lot of sexualizing vagina closeups. As well as including a more equal male time. I believe that’ll settle disturbed folks.

Jordan Blum: It’s not the lack of showing organs per se It is only that it comes off like any MTV clip where you have the men singing and the girls prancing around. It’s only the same ole tactic of using sex to sell. I imagine the questions are – who are the market and what’s the message (if there’s a noteworthy one)
You are entitled to your own opinion but are you a paying subscriber on the website?
I am just voicing my support for nicely produced work and expressing my thanks for it, not whining.
Jordan Blum: It is http://x-nudism.com/community/beach/jocks-beach-wrestle.php produced movie – no doubt but it truly is reminiscent of the sort of things that Internaturally used to sell. They merely use the term to promote and sell things to mainstream. Nude girls = $$)
This post about the clothesfree.com nudist avi was published by Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
After all of this discussion, I ‘d a positive outlook on how ClothesFree.com would manage their naturist videos in the foreseeable future. Two weeks later, I could proudly say that seems to be accurate. This video was released last week of the Bare Burro 5K race at Olive Dell Ranch. It requires a more enjoyable, care free approach with a varied cast of folks and the voyeuristic shots appear to happen to be left on the cutting room floor.
*EDIT* –
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Naturist Portal.Nude Party and Naked Bashes – Nudist Bash Behaviour Etiquette!
Nude Party – It is Not Enough To Just Be Young and Nude to Celebration!
Naked Parties and Naked Parties General Questions, Answers and Information for people who need to bash naked with FKK!
Party Naked and Bare or Naturist Celebration General Q and A’s:
Bare Party Question: Do I have to be an associate of Naturist Portal to attend a naked occasion or naked parties?
Answer: No. However there are typically discounted rates for members. Membership just isn’t only a way to get discounts, but above all, an excellent means to support FKK and our work! The expense of membership is $22/year. Click the link to buy a FKK membership.
Question: What exactly is “young”? Can there be an age limit for attending FKKevents? Or can I be a young nudie, in spirit?
Response: We usually do not have an age limit. While many FKK’ers are young, we also welcome the young-at-heart. Although the average age is 30’ish, we have at least a few guests in every age group at our events. There may be an age requirement of 18 or 21 depending on the event and place.
If you’re under 18, please also read the next FAQ section about age requirements for FKK gatherings at naturist clubs / resorts.
Question: Are single men allowed to attend?
Response: Yes. (It is not a couples-only matter.) http://b-boyz.com/tube/naturist-teen-boy.php are always welcome at our club / resort parties, regardless of that club’s common policy. Yet, for our indoor events it’s important to us to have a decent male/female ratio.
Response: You shall be lynched! >: [ KIDDING, haha.
Cover up your erection with a towel or go in the water (if outside). And relax until the moment passes. We understand that men can get involuntary and nonsexual erections. But for the comfort and respect of others, we request which you cover it up. Walking around with a complete erection like it’s one of your finest assets is a big no no.
Question: What will happen if I’m on my period? Just how can I still visit naked parties?

This really is frequently the biggest challenge for people beginning their first naked yoga course encounter. If you want to keep your class intimate and have a big enough space at home or you already have use of a supporting yoga studio, you’re in luck! Schedule your class, send out an announcement to your own community and roll out your mat.

Start A Naked Yoga Course
If you’ve yet to secure a space, exercise patience and persistence. Some locations might be wary of a clothes-free class if they are not used to or familiar with a clothes-free lifestyle. It’s better to openly discuss concerns with the rental spaces such as who will be attending and address any hygiene-related issues they might have. A frank and honest discussion can sway a nervous renter. In-person queries work more effectively than e-mail ones. Showing up in person with a peaceful smiling face and professional style is much more effective when requesting space for a naked yoga class than an anonymous email from a faceless stranger.
If you’re having trouble finding a space, ask for help. No group of people will be more helpful about desiring to see a thriving naked yoga course and supporting its efforts as opposed to naturist community. They also are inclined to have the most leads into locating locations that already support nude classes and workshops and will be delighted to see a naked yoga class start up in their place.
Whoa, brianna beach teacher are breaking down the door to come to my naked yoga course!
Screening can be a time consuming project when beginning a naked yoga course. It is far better have people fill out a regular intake form online that poses basic questions around their fascination with taking your course, as well as informing you of any special conditions or recent injuries. Even asking a simple question like Why do you want to practice naked yoga? or What does naked yoga mean to you? can bring out someone’s true aims and help you determine if they’re right for the class or not. There is no right or wrong way to screen individuals and you will have to determine what level of screening you’re comfortable with. Others rely entirely on instinct. Finally the decision is yours on how extensively you screen.
Liability Waiver
Cover your bum before uncovering it. Most clubs have individuals sign one at the door, so if you are teaching at a naturist club you might be comfortable with simply using theirs. There are regular liability waivers online. I always include within my waiver something which acknowledges that the person participating is in sound mind and body and does really know he/she is participating in a naked yoga course. I also include that they have communicated any constraints to the bare yoga teacher and will fully take responsibility for his or her well-being in addition to limitations in the class. This kind of waiver keeps you, and the studio you’re renting from, safe.
You have bureau over your course, meaning you might have the right to decide who attends and what degree of yoga experience they must need certainly to attend. I used to have an all-inclusive policy in my classes thinking the space I held was large enough to include everyone. I am more discerning now around the people who attend my classes. I now require people to have some yoga experience if they’re coming to a drop-in course because the degree WOn’t be appropriate for them. I tempt people with no experience to take a couple of courses before attending my course or to contemplate private sessions first. You’ll have to determine what your group entry point is.
Second, you have the right to ask someone to leave your class. If you’ve a gut feeling that someone isn’t appropriate for your course, and is going to compromise the group energy, don’t contain them. Keep http://www.videonudist.com throughout your course. Consider having a gate keeper / door guard to your course who helps sign people in and discreetly opens the doors for latecomers to help you keep teaching. Have clear rules and etiquette listed on your own website and in a welcome letter which you send to new students.
Folks are asking me questions about erections and menstruation what do I do?
or from women What if I am on my menstrual cycle? If you’re perplexed about how to answer these questions, there’s lots of writing in standard nudist literature about the best way to address this.
Whoa, the press merely called me about my naked yoga practice what do I do?

There are other laws concerning sexual oriented businesses, but none of these apply to you personally. As far as the health code goes, the State of New Jersey has authorized municipalities to regulate the public health as they see appropriate. Any local ordinances are to be applied by the local health inspector, and ordinarily, a municipal court judge will not care about the constitutionality of a special code being applied. If you’re hit with a fine for breaking any health code, you might have the right to appeal it, but that is incredibly expensive, considerably more expensive than paying the fine, which is why municipal judges don’t care about whether the ordinance is constitutional or not. Whatever the health inspector asks of you, listen, or face fines consequently. Much like traffic tickets, health code violations raise a good deal of money for a Township, which can be a factor when Judges are upward for duration renewal.

From what I’ve been able to gather, you should be allowed to have individuals in the exercise place. Use of the free weights would be good as would a naked yoga class.
The difficulty comes with the utilization of equipment, including seats, workout machines, spin bikes, treadmills, exercise bikes or those big balls. Contact between an individual’s naked buttocks or genitalia just isn’t permitted on any common gear. If someone brings their own towel and drapes it over http://freenudistpicture.net , you should be acceptable. However, it is hard to ensure that all contact is removed completely without knickers.
As I stated previously, because judges are hardly unbiased and also because the health inspector understands the health code better than I do, it would be wise to defer to whatever the health inspector guides on this particular point. When you can get his or her statements as to what’s permissible in writing, in the form of a letter, I’d so that if the inspector changes and the new one interprets a provision differently, you at least have a solid defense as to why you were in breach and you’re able to avoid any fines.
If the police do attempt to enter the premises, the operator, shouldn’t let them inside under any conditions without a warrant. To get a warrant, they should find a judge that will concur it is more likely than not that some kind of unlawful action is going on there. It prevents them from busting down your door to allow them to get their jollies looking at a bunch of nude folks. If they come in anyway, anything they see or discover inside would not be allowed in a court of law. If you enable them in, you lose this protection.
A private party / event wouldn’t be open to the general public – including law enforcement. You can answer their questions outside the premises, but if they would like to come in with no warrant, they have to be bash guests (or members of whatever organization is hosting the event).
You should avoid getting into a discussion about the nature of the statutes above. If they question you, avoid making any favorable statements, notably concerning the existence of children.
You’ve learned of the right to remain silent. This can be substantially more significant than people realize. But should you make an entrance, you’re opening yourself up to a misplaced prosecution for quite http://nudismpictures.net .
In addition, you never understand how a puritanical Judge might interpret the laws differently than I do. The cops, in this situation, are not here to protect or serve you.
Your statement to the police should be something along the lines of:
‘Policeman, I apologize, but I am hosting a private event at a private location. Entry to the event is limited to members of the FKK organization and is not open to the public, so I cannot let you in. We are not running any unlawful activity here. We host occasions here weekly and it’s also great, wholesome enjoyment.’
You should have a sign posted on the front door stating: ‘The premises is closed for an exclusive event. FKK members only.’ “
So there you have it! Although these are all the pertinent NJ statutes affecting nudity and it was written by legal counsel, by no means does it cover every single situation. Laws can be tricky, they continuously change and occasionally city ordinances may trump state law so When in uncertainty about a legal issue, it is best to consult a lawyer.
This post about New Jersey Nudity Laws was printed by – Young Naturists & Nudists America FKK

“Raped by Clothing: The Nudophobic Society”

Guido Nigro’s Unclothed Education and his novel Raped By Clothes:
Bare Education –
The writer Guido Nigro wrote this book with the theory that everyone on the planet, who’s upset by nudity, has a mental illness called “nudophobia”. He compares this thought to the reaction people have against spiders in clinical cases called “arachnophobia”.
“You see once we got a disorder like that, we need to adapt to alter the world.those who attack are nudophobic” Guido says.
Nude Eductaion By Guido Nigro
He hopes to expand these bits of education into classes at school all throughout the world beginning with Australia.
Guido considers the reactions people will perceive towards nude instruction will be both confounding and affronting at first just as they initially did back in the 70’s when sex educators where criticized for bringing sex education into the schooling system prior to it becoming part of the program.
He considers that eventually nude acceptance will become more of the norm for some in art classes and other areas of outdoor recreation if we educate society to examine the human body as something apart from the sexual image which will be what the media constantly drills into our minds through advertising schemes.
Raped by Clothes:
Others were inspired to go out and attempt social nudity right then and there.
The publication, Raped by Clothing, is a fictional novel about nonsexual nudity that interprets the lifestyle of naturism through characters just like the lifestyle of Guido and his companions. He was first introduced into nudism in Italy at the early age of 13 and has been practicing social nudity going on 38 years now.
When he faced his older brother relating to this new boyish fascination, it was afterward his brother told him. “No Guido that is incorrect! I shall show you another way that you can keep from pornography.” From there his brother took him to a nude beach to educate him the facts of life.
“The first time which I went to a naturist beach, I could not believe my eyes because there were girls, about my age, that I was seeing nude for the very first time within my life. After some time I realized the sexual connection in my head was entirely gone.” says Guido.
Raped by Clothing is A heartbreaking story about a society that has lost the skill to distinguish between porn and art, between purity and perversion. A place where the human spirit is encaged without any hope to emerge.
The novel begins to describe a closed minded society where the writer highlights the change that is happening through the entire world; the change where every type of diversion in schools featuring open enlightenment is closed down including astrological observatories, artists groups and even other spiritual practices such as prayer groups.
It is about a particular girl named Helina who is against pornography even while raised by her mom with spirituality and an open mind. She has just one friend named Jasmine who stumbles across an old abandoned building, locating images that have been prohibited at enough time, of naked paintings from times past. They meet a figure artist, Raymond, who is a ghost from a world long gone. Later on they chance upon url made in 1980 that alters their world and entire perspective on simple nudity.
A copy of this novel, composed in the English language, can be bought through Amazon or Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. The novel is getting interpreted in the French language by specific request from a French publishing young nudist clips and is being rewritten in the Italian translation.
Raped by Clothes is being adapted into a radio play show which will be available to the general public on WHRB 95.3 FM in the year 2012. Additionally, the author is in touch with the University of Australia to create a theatrical performance on the book. He’s also been creating connections with local ruling authorities in Perth to try to change the legal definition of simple nudity.
“I firmly believe that nudophobia is a sickness that’s used by society. Society introduced this in building clothes. In fact Raped By Garments, the name many people find strange, the vast majority of individuals are raped by garments because society imposed clothing on us at an early age which brings a lot psychological difficulties later on in life.” ~ Guido Nigro
This Unclothed Instruction Post and Review about Raped by Clothes Novel by Guido Nigro was released by – Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and cofounder of Nudist Portal.

Review Of TNS – The Naturist Society Assembly

The Naturist Society:
June 17th-19th we went to the yearly Naturist Society (TNS) Eastern Gathering that happened at a large campground in northern PA. This is our first time attending this event together with a couple hundred people, and we had a pretty great time.
This weeklong gathering consists of group discussions and seminars on various naturist / naturist themes and in addition enjoyable leisure activities which include the dances at night, a tye-expiring session, and swimming and kayaking at the enormous lake. The food was alright and served 3 times/day in a large hall. We tented again, but additionally, there are cottages. On our first night, there was a talent show of diverse acts, of which my favorite was the two-man duet with “Enrique Iglesias” and “Whitney Houston.” It was followed by Oneg Shabat (the Jewish welcoming ceremony of the Sabbath) with a group of people and a pajama-themed dance party. (I believed the Jewish Sabbath thing was really arbitrary, though it’s a Jewish camp.)
Naturist Society
On Saturday night it was a Halloween motif dance with some amusing costumes. All in all there really few people in their 20s/30s, but this really is no occasion made for young folks.
We attended discussions about kids and naturism, “making waves” with NAC and on the future of naturism. Questions of the part of young folks in nudism came up. ie, Why do young folks appear to be losing in the movement? How do we reach out to them? These are questions we have also had to ask ourselves!
If you’ve been a naturist for a number of years, can you believe young people are missing? Does anyone know of any school besides http://www.thoun.com that’s or had nonsexual naked parties? I am wondering if naturism has any kind of presence at many faculties
This Post about The Naturist Society Gathering and BlogsByFelicity JonesFor – Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
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Author of Naturist Site. Cofounder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. http://wwwthoun.com/most-popular/ vegan, 30% vegetarian. Once I’m not active eating, I’m writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other interesting subjects. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when you have got something to say!